Strong Hungarian universal network banks. No minimum deposits, wide range of currencies and cards. Good multi-currency banking.

It used to be that foreign clients were dealt with by dedicated office. Unfortunately as of 2020 many offshore accounts have been closed, though UK entities seem to be acceptable. However, we were able to stat co-operation with the Manager of the former non-resident banking department and he is able to advise clients on account opening processes.



Target clients:

All types of clients, small and large, that have some business connection with Hungary. Excellent for smaller transactional or trading accounts. Less sophisticated in terms of private banking and international trade services. All major currencies available, however each currency is a different account with a separate fee.



English, Russian, French, German, Romanian. Internet banking in English and Hungarian.  


Specific features:

  • Exceptionally simple and straightforward account opening process. Normally no proof of funds documents required. No references needed.
  • Excellent for smaller transactional or trading accounts and Paypal.
  • Possibility to request SWIFT copies automatically on outgoing transfers.
  • US citizens accepted.
  • Clients must visit in person. Budapest has good connections including many low cost flights and is a pleasant city for a short break.


Plastic cards:

Visa and MC full range, including airline miles program (Lufthansa)  


Documents and Account Opening Process:

  • Standard set of documents with apostille, plus proof of address.
  • Certificates of good standing and incumbency, with apostille and issued within the 30 days prior to date of account opening. Scans are acceptable.
  • Make an appointment through the OP office for the client bearing in mind the 30-day requirement. Documentation and internet banking contract will be completed on the spot in about 30 mins, and account numbers will be issued. Account will be fully activated 3-10 working days later.


Deposit requirements:

No minimum deposit but we recommend clients deposit at least EUR 5000.


For further information on procedures and fees for opening your Hungary offshore bank account, contact Offshore Pro Group today!