The Principality of Liechtenstein is primarily a high net worth private banking destination, although it is possible to open relatively small commercial accounts if the client is happy to pay the bank’s high transaction fees. Accounts can be opened remotely. It is also of particular interest to UK-resident clients with undeclared accounts in other countries, who may move the accounts to Liechtenstein and then disclose them to UK tax authorities on particularly beneficial terms under the ‘Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility.’


Target clients:

Eastern European and Asian clients.



English, Russian, Spanish, French etc.


Specific features:

  • Numbered accounts available
  • All accounts are multi-currency (1 IBAN number per currency). All major currencies plus many soft currencies and paper gold too.
  • Personal Meetings in Russia, CIS and Asia are possible.



Plastic cards:

Full MC range.


Documents and Account Opening Process:

  • Standard set of documents, plus proof of address.
  • Proof of source of funds.
  • Bank reference is preferred, but account may be opened without depending on the risk and transaction profile.
  • Personal meeting will be required in due course but the account can be opened remotely at the beginning.


Deposit requirements:

EUR 5000.

For further information on procedures and fees for opening your Liechtenstein offshore bank account, contact Offshore Pro Group today!