Offshore Brokerage Accounts

Whether you are a professional day trader or simply a part-time hobby investor, opening a brokerage account for your offshore company, trust or foundation offers an opportunity to invest in international financial markets and manage your money directly through an online platform – no intermediaries, private bankers or brokers required. That said, help from a professional trader is always available by telephone.

You can trade world markets 24/7 using a tax-neutral international platform. Offshore Pro Group can arrange both corporate and personal brokerage accounts in jurisdictions such as Panama, Gibraltar, Switzerland and Singapore with full access to trade virtually every market in the world. We act as introducers to brokerages with online trading on sophisticated platforms as well as investment advisory, corporate finance and asset management solutions.

Another unique service of Offshore Pro Group: Our brokerage and trading specialists team have experience opening brokerage accounts in remote frontier markets such as African countries, Paraguay and Mongolia for those who want to trade instruments in those markets not covered by more traditional brokerage platforms.

All types of brokerage accounts can also be used to hold cash balances and precious metals etc. Some brokerage accounts offer additional features such as credit cards, wire transfers and cheque books.

Brokerage accounts can be opened remotely – no need to travel. All can be opened in the name of offshore companies, LLCs etc. If  the assets are managed in a trust or foundation structure, the client is usually appointed as the investment manager or trader using a limited power of attorney, giving access to making buy and sell decisions but without any power to withdraw funds from the brokerage accounts.

Investing offshore stocks

When you invest in stocks you take the opportunity to participate in a company’s progress. You can personally choose the sector, energy, banks, industrial,…, and the market, US, European, Brazilian, UK, Japanese, Australian, Canadian, Russian, Swiss any many more… All these stocks can be traded from an offshore brokerage platform in a jurisdiction that does not tax foreign investors or account holders on income or capital gains, such as Switzerland, Singapore, Gibraltar or Panama.

Investing in offshore bonds

Corporate ot government bonds provide income on your capital, as well as the return of principal…. subject of course to the solvency of the issuer! Those bonds from issuers with poor credit ratings are known as ‘junk bonds.’

Investing offshore in mutual and investment funds, unit trusts etc

Our recommended offshore brokers provide access to literally thousands of funds authorised and regulated around the world.  Through your chosen online platform, you can directly subscribe, and redeem all these funds.

Other instruments

Besides stocks, bonds, funds and ETFs you can trade a range of other investment products aimed at sophisticated traders including:

  • Futures
  • Options
  • CFDs
  • Forex
  • Forex options

Please contact the Offshore Pro Group experts today to discuss your brokerage account requirements and find out what options are available to you.