Precious Metals

Financial security for the global investor has never been more important. In an uncertain world, Precious Metals such as Gold and Silver set the standard as an inflation-beating store of wealth.

Offshore Gold and Silver Storage

Offshore Pro Group has particular experience in international storage of gold, silver and other precious metals. We work with reputable partner institutions located in Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong to arrange purchase and/or storage of precious metals on behalf of our clients. Storage facilities may be opened in the name of offshore companies. For long term wealth planning, many clients also choose Trusts and Foundations as suitable entities for holding title to, and protecting and storing their precious metals.

Bank versus Non-Bank Storage

Although many of the private banks we work with do offer gold storage, on closer examination they often outsource this service to other banks in other jurisdictions. We are naturally nervous of such arrangements since the whole point of having precious metals is to hold a physical asset, not an obligation against another bank. We advise you to ask your bank about their storage policies and to check whether the metals storage they are offering you is allocated or unallocated. Unallocated storage should be avoided.

We therefore prefer to arrange private storage in security vaults outside banks. Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong are the best locations in the world to hold precious metals, tax-free in private storage facilities.

We have assisted many clients in setting up such arrangements for their offshore entities.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with this service.