Apr 27, 2020

Offshore company: Why you need one and where to incorporate?

Advantages of offshore companies

There are a number of advantages that owners of offshore companies can achieve in their business, such as:

  1. Potential tax optimization
  2. Cost reduction
  3. Risk management
  4. Confidentiality and privacy 
  5. Free circulation of profits and capital
  6. Access to low-cost jurisdictions  
  7. Potentially more sophisticated banking system as per client’s 

The owner of an offshore company chooses where to register his business, more precisely the jurisdiction that offers the possibility of doing business that can provide tax relief. There are a couple of forms of offshore companies, such as LLCs and IBCs.

LLC – Limited liability company is a company where a limited liability company is liable for obligations with all its assets. Members are not liable for the company’s obligations, but bear the risk of the company’s operations.

IBC – International business company is a typical form of offshore company and is mainly used to provide professional offshore services, various types of investments, money protection and international trade.

There are other forms as well and all depends on client’s requirements and expectations.  

Offshore companies provide great advantages and freedom in doing business, especially when it comes to international business. With an offshore company you can buy real estate, you can trade currencies on the stock exchange market, you can buy shares and trade stocks on the stock exchange market. An offshore company can be used as a public company for investment purposes with public advertising around the world and can be used as a holding company for the purpose of establishing a company in domestic and foreign. 

Over all, an offshore company is an ideal solution for exiting your current space and expanding for many different reasons, whether it is asset protection, better banking, reduced costs etc.    

Who can register on offshore company?

Anyone who would like to register a company that would legally be in business outside their home country. When registering an offshore company, the owner will also have a chance to open an offshore corporate account and this way would be able to protect their assets, have advanced security and use the previously mentioned benefits.    

Where to incorporate?

There is no universal correct answer to this question. Offshore Pro Group is here for you to listen to and suggest the exact jurisdiction(s). In order to come up with the right proposal, you need to tell us about your business plans and what you want to achieve. Also, we need to know the origin of all the owners, the countries of incoming and outgoing payments, the currencies you plan to use.

There is no universal jurisdiction for everyone. Each case is completely different and is approached in a different way, and this is where the exact jurisdiction is determined from.

How can you register an offshore company?

With the help of Offshore Pro Group, it is possible to register an offshore company completely remotely. Of course, this depends on the jurisdiction the client decides to go with in the end. If the client is looking to register an offshore company without physically going out of his home country, he/she should of tell that to the professional introducer at Offshore Pro Group. We are here to advise you and make this experience as easy and convenient as it could be. 

Offshore Pro Group has been in the financial consultancy business for years and we will gladly help you find the best financial solutions if you decide to seek our advice. Please write to us to [email protected] or use WhatsApp or our live chat to get in touch with us. Whatever communication means you choose, we will be able to suggest the solution that will fit your personal outlooks and your individual investment preferences best!