Apr 11, 2017

International Corporate Account With A Classic Offshore Bank In The Seychelles Which Has Multiple Currency Accounts And Investment Options.

Our professionals at the Offshore Pro Group can assist you in successfully opening an offshore corporate account with this classic Seychelles bank. The bank is highly regarded because it offers:

  • Offshore bank is classic
  • Your corporate account opened remotely so no visiting the Seychelles required
  • Investment possibilities in luxury real estate
  • Charges for transactions competitive
  • Current accounts can hold three world currencies
  • Account includes Visa Electron debit card
  • Internet banking service that has won an award

Don’t go it alone trying to open a new offshore corporate account with this Seychelles bank because it will be too difficult. We can provide our expertise to you so email us [email protected] in order that we can start to help you by providing the professional guidance necessary to open your account. Please let us help you further by providing full information in response to the questions that you will see on this page Professional Guidance On Making The Right Choice Of International Corporate Account.

The Seychelles As An Offshore Jurisdiction

An archipelago of 115 islands, the Seychelles, or its official title of the Republic of the Seychelles, is located in the Indian Ocean. This is a presidential republic which has a national assembly and the current population figures are around 92,000 people.

The economy is growing in the Seychelles and the main sectors are fisheries, tourism and the rapidly growing offshore financial services sector. The Seychellois Rupee is the country’s official currency and the three main languages spoken are French, English and Seychellois Creole. The GDP per capita of the Seychelles currently stands at $27,640 and the country also is socially and politically stable.

The influx of foreign investment is very high on the list of priorities for the Seychelles government and it offers a number of tax advantages to attract this. As a non resident you will not be subjected to any form of tax structure, and the country offers the lowest tax rates for IBC’s of any other offshore jurisdiction.

Regulation of the banks and financial institutions in the Seychelles is in the hands of the Central Bank of the Seychelles (CBS). There are two main aims of the CBS and these are to maintain a financially stable system of banking in the country and the second is to stabilize prices. The government will turn to the CBS when it needs advice on monetary and fiscal matters.

A goal of the CBS is to turn the Seychelles into a world renowned international banking center. It has strong powers that it uses to supervise, coordinate and closely monitor the activities of banks and other financial institutions. The CBS will formulate new policies and will use its expertise to ensure that the banks in the Seychelles are very well regulated.

A few years ago it was possible to establish anonymous accounts in the Seychelles but this practice ceased some time ago. The Know Your Customer (KYC) laws have been tightened up so that illegal monetary activities like money laundering can be prevented. Banking secrecy is very much available in the Seychelles and it is something that the banks take very seriously. Client details can only be revealed if a court orders the bank to do this.

The Seychelles has a stable economy as well as social and political stability. The banks are stringently regulated by the Central Bank of the Seychelles and high on their agenda is the financial stability of the banks. All of this means that the Seychelles is a good choice of jurisdiction for your offshore corporate account.

All About This Offshore Bank In The Seychelles

This offshore bank in the Seychelles has a license from the CBS to conduct offshore banking business and serve private and corporate clients from all over the world. The bank fully complies with international banking standards especially in the areas of transparency and accountability, and it works closely with the CBS to make sure that it conforms to other rules and regulations. Another large offshore bank in the Seychelles is a 50% shareholder of this bank.

The bank has an internationally experienced management team who have a number of competences in the fields of investing, key banking practices, finance, treasury and other financial areas. The growth of the bank has been good in the few years it has been operational and the management have sustainability plans that will ensure this growth continues into the future. Those employed by the bank are very well trained and will focus entirely on the needs of the bank’s clients.

The delivery of first class financial solutions and full service commercial banking are serious aims of this bank. The adoption of internationally recognized standards of banking, together with best practices, is a strong commitment too. The values of the bank include trust, transparency and integrity. The bank is an innovator and also will take advantage of new technology to make it even more effective and a strong competitor in the market.

The board of directors have stated their commitment to maintain the highest standards and comply with the CBS and the nation’s banking laws. They cooperate with all authorities locally in the country, and constantly review their internal monitoring to ensure that their processes mirror the financial laws of the Seychelles.

The bank bases their internal compliance process on two main financial acts which are the Anti Money Laundering Act of 2006 and the Financial Institutional Act of 2004. The latter is general banking law and regulations which cover areas such as liquidity and capital stability of the banks, and this bank is fully compliant with these regulations. The anti money laundering act is self explanatory and is there to prevent money laundering practices in Seychelles financial institutions.

With a strong belief in the building and maintaining of long term relationships with clients, you will find that as soon as your offshore corporate account in the Seychelles has been opened with this bank that the staff there will want to discuss in full your business and financial aims. The aim of the bank’s employees will be to get to know you very well even though they may never meet you.

Corporate Account Services That This Seychelles Bank Can Provide

It is possible to open a international corporate account remotely with the professional assistance of the Offshore Pro Group. This means that you will not have to visit the Seychelles and meet with any bank representatives prior to the confirmation of your new account. This Seychelles bank will make a number of financial services available to you as soon as your new corporate account is up and running.

You will be able to hold major world currencies in your corporate current account. These currencies will be the British Pound Sterling (GBP), the Euro (EUR) and the US Dollar (USD). Incoming payments to your account will not be subject to any bank charges and the outgoing transaction charges are very reasonable. There are also term deposit accounts, call accounts and savings accounts on offer to you.

You will find that the staff at the bank are very friendly and helpful and always happy to assist with any matters pertaining to your corporate account. You will be sent full statements of your account on either a monthly or quarterly basis by this bank which will include all of your transactions.

When your corporate account is open you will be sent a Visa Electron debit card which is directly linked to it. With this Visa card you can make purchases from over 24 million merchant outlets and use millions of ATM’s all over the world to withdraw cash.

A smart chip is embedded into the Visa Electron card which makes it easy to use and safe. When you make purchases or withdrawals in other currencies an automatic conversion will take place. You can have the card issued in either Euros (EUR) or US Dollars (USD). You can use the card to make purchases over the phone, through mail order and on the Internet.

Investment in luxury real estate is also possible with this bank. A development on the island of Eden in the Seychelles offers separate residencies for you to purchase. The development is called “Paradise Island” and it has some amazing views and its own infrastructure.

You can choose from luxury apartments, villas that have their own private pools or town houses that are very spacious inside. This is a beautiful location and a great opportunity to own a luxury residence there. There is also a mortgage program provided by the bank to support real estate purchases at this development.

With the award winning and highly secure Internet banking service that this bank offers you can have access to your international corporate account wherever you are and on a 24 hour a day basis. Checking of your account balance is possible as well as the obtaining of full statements and the viewing of all of your recent transactions.

So that your offshore corporate account can be opened, this bank in the Seychelles will require that you make an initial deposit of at least twenty five thousand (25,000) US Dollars (USD). It will also be required that your corporate account balance is maintained at least to the same level of twenty five thousand (25,000) US Dollars (USD).

This bank has very competitive fees when it comes to outgoing transactions and corporate account upkeep but the fees do fluctuate sometimes. Make sure that you contact your consultant at the Offshore Pro Group so that you can have the most up to date schedule of fees. If you would like to negotiate the very best fees for your corporate account then your consultant can provide assistance in this area.

Please Make Sure That You Follow This List Of Actions So That Your Seychelles Corporate Account Can Be opened

Below you will see a list of actions that need to be taken in the right order so that there will be no problems with the opening of your foreign corporate account with this Seychelles bank:

  1. The very first action is to make contact with the Offshore Pro Group via email [email protected] so that we can begin to assist you with our experts and provide the professional guidance you will need to open your international corporate account. Next it is really important that you provide us with full details so that we can advise you in the best way possible. Please visit this page and answer the questionnaire The Essential Guide To Selecting The Very Best Offshore Corporate Account For Your Needs.

You may not be aware that having just a single international corporate account can be risky. These risks can be significantly lessened if another corporate account is opened in another jurisdiction. Full details here why a second foreign corporate account will lessen the risks of a single account.

  1. We have all the experience and knowledge that you will need to open a new offshore corporate account in the Seychelles. Our professional services are available to you for a single fee of 2999 EUR. There are various payment options and you can use Money Gram, Web Money, Western Union, Bitcoin, a direct bank transfer and of course a credit card.
  1. You will not be able to open your offshore corporate account with this bank without first supplying comprehensive documentation in English that has been certified (notarized). A notarized English translation is acceptable. For the beneficial owners, authorized persons and account signatories please supply:
  • A copy of the passport page which has been certified and includes the holder’s photo and signature
  • A document that provides evidence of the full residential address of the person. A utility bill or a credit card or bank statement are fine but no more than 60 days old. Originals are fine or certified copies
  • All of the necessary bank account forms that have been completed in fuill and signed. Also the reason that you want to establish a corporate account in the Seychelles must be provided
  • A detailed description of the company’s business activities (please note that investment companies or consultancies will not be accepted)
  • The sector or industry that your business operates in
  • If the business is an online business
  • Countries where trading will take place and any partners
  • Evidence of the source of the funds

Corporate douments will also have to be supplied:

  • The certificate of registration (Certificate of Incorporation)
  • Memorandum of Association and charter of the compamny (Memorandum and Articles of Association)
  • Company manager appointment document (power of attorney, appointment of directors or other)
  • A certificate of welfare (Good Standing Certificate) if the company was registered over 12 months ago
  • Additional documents may be requested by the bank

Please send all of the documentation to us at the Offshore Pro Group and we will ensure it is correct. It will then be sent quickly to the Seychelles bank. Please allow the bank up to 10 working days to establish your offshore corporate account for you.

Get started today with your application for an international corporate account with this Seychelles bank by sending an email to us [email protected]