Dec 29, 2016

Private Account For Global Payment Service With A Maltese Financial Institution With Prepaid Card And Currency Exchange.

To open a private account with this European payment service provider alone is not an easy task. At the Offshore Pro Group we will assist you to open your international payment services personal account with all of our expertise in international banking. When you open a private account with this payment service provider you will enjoy several benefits:

  • Your personal account opened remotely so visiting Malta is not necessary
  • You will be able to send or receive money for friends and family
  • You can transfer funds to bank accounts across the world
  • A payment card for purchasing at millions of merchants
  • Money can be sent and received in different currencies
  • Web and mobile app for account management
  • Security and notification levels configurable

We have the expertise that you need to set up your new non resident payment services personal account with this payment service provider so get in touch with us now using this email address [email protected] and we will work with you immediately to get your account opened. Please take the time to answer the questions in our confidential questionnaire that you can find on this page Read This Advice From The Experts In International Banking And Find Out How To Choose The Best International Personal Account For Your Needs.

The Financial Jurisdiction Of Malta

The Republic of Malta which is commonly known as just Malta is an island country that lies in the Mediterranean Sea. The latest population figures suggest that Malta has over 450,000 residents and the country has two official languages which are Maltese and English. The official currency in Malta is the Euro (EUR) and the country became a member of the European Union (EU) back in 2004.

Malta is a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic that has a House of Representatives. The country has an advanced economy that is service based. The economy has been growing steadily for a number of years and it is very stable. The GDP per capita of Malta has risen to $33,215. The World Bank has classified Malta as a high income country.

The economy of Malta is largely dependent upon tourism, manufacturing and foreign trade. The financial services sector is one the fastest growing in the country. It is a socially and politically stable country. The financial institutions in Malta are financially stable due to a conservative approach with investments. The financial system is based on UK law and the country also has to conform to the requirements of the European Central Bank.

Over the years Malta has improved its international reputation as a world financial center. It now complies with international banking laws and the stringent monetary policies of the EU. The financial regulator is the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) which was introduced by the government in 2003.

The MFSA strictly monitors the operations of financial institutions in the country. In cooperation with the Maltese government it has been instrumental in reforming a lot of the financial laws and bringing the country into line with international best practices. The MFSA has also been involved in the agreement with the OECD on financial matters.

Malta is a very strictly regulated jurisdiction in Europe and your funds deposited with this payment services provider will be safe and secure. The MFSA ensures that all financial institutions remain financially viable and Malta has a growing economy that is stable as well as social and political stability.

Personal Account Payment Processor Services Provided By This Maltese Based Financial Institution

With the professional help of the Offshore Pro Group you will be able to establish a non resident payment services personal account remotely with this Maltese financial institution. This means that there is no requirement for you to visit the island of Malta and meet with officials there to get your account opened. The service offered by this financial institution is different to conventional banks as here all transactions are made electronically.

This financial institution offers you a digital platform that is innovative and you will be able to make transactions in multiple currencies in electronic format (known as e-money) or through the use of a prepaid payment card or a mobile phone application that has been designed for the Apple iOS and Android operating systems.

You will have a very strong combination of payment options at your disposal. Money transfers can be made fast and conveniently. Your personal account will have multi currency capabilities (different accounts) which will enable you to make and receive payments in major world currencies easily.

Currency conversions can be made easily and if money is received into your account and you don’t already have an account in this currency then a new account will be set up for free. For each account in each currency you will be assigned an International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

It is very straight forward to send money to a friend or family member who already has an account with this financial institution. You can enter the mobile phone number, email address or their specific account number. Then you enter the amount of money and select the currency and confirm the transaction. All you need to do to receive money is to have a private account with this financial institution set up.

You can fund your personal account by initiating a bank transfer or by using a debit or credit card. Bank transfers take between 2-5 days depending on your bank. You can use the bank transfer facility on the web site or through the mobile app to set up a transfer. Any debit or credit card funding must be done using a card that has either the MasterCard or Visa brand. Funds will be made available instantly.

Transferring funds to bank accounts across the world is possible with an international payment services personal account from this financial institution. It can be done any day of the year and at any time. You can make SEPA transfers if the receiving bank accepts SEPA payments. Alternatively you can use the SWIFT system to order a transfer. Several currencies are available. All transfers can be monitored and managed.

When your private account is opened with this financial institution you will be provided with a prepaid card that will carry either the MasterCard or Visa branding. This means that you will have a safe and secure way to make payments and withdraw cash from your personal account. There are no maintenance fees with the cards and it will be issued free to you on account opening.

These cards have chip and pin technology and are safer than most debit and credit cards issued by other financial institutions. The cards are reloadable and you can use them at millions of establishments across the globe. You can also make purchases online and use the cards at ATM’s for the withdrawal of cash. You can receive a text message or an email for all transactions with the card and you can enable or disable the card at any time to avoid fraud and unauthorized payments.

You can manage your private account from a secure web application or you can download a mobile application that will work on Apple iOS devices and Android devices. With the mobile app you can send and receive money, perform currency exchanges at preferential rates, check your transactions and the balances of your accounts and enable or disable your prepaid card.

The protection of your money and your sensitive financial data is a top priority for this financial institution. The company uses advanced technology for data encryption and tokenization which operates on a dedicated and secure hardware platform.

The systems of this financial institution are protected all of the time by an intrusion protection system. This protection system constantly monitors any attacks from hackers and other intruders and operates on dedicated servers in various data centers that have the highest level of security available in Europe.

All of your account details will be constantly monitored against fraud in real time. The financial institution also recommends that you take steps to protect your non resident payment services personal account by setting custom limits and controlling security levels using either the web based application or the mobile app on your smart phone.

This financial institution based in Malta will not require you to make any minimum deposits to open your new private account. This financial institution will also not require that you maintain a minimum balance in your non resident payment services personal account.

Like any other bank or financial institution you will have to pay charges for transactions that you make and at times these fees can be increased. Please ask your consultant at the Offshore Pro Group to let you have the most up to date schedule of charges for this financial institution.

To Be Sure Of Opening Your Payment Services International Private Account With This Financial Institution In Malta Please Follow These Step By Step Instructions

The instructions that you will see below must be followed in the correct order to ensure that your new payment services non resident personal account can be opened successfully:

  1. Please make sure that your first action is to send us over an email to this address [email protected] and when we receive it we will begin advising you through our expert team on all of the account opening procedures and what you must do. Please provide your financial information to us so that we can serve you in the most professional way. On this page there are a series of questions that you need to answer in full (in total confidence) Here Is The Professional Advice That You Need To Make The Right Selection Of International Private Bank Account.

Opening just a single international private account can mean that you will be taking a number of risks. It is always strongly recommended that you address this issue by opening a second international private account. It is all explained on this page why it is strongly recommended that you open a second international privtae account so that your risks are minimized.

  1. With the assistance of our professional team of experts at the Offshore Pro Group your new international payment services personal account will be opened. We will happily provide our expert services to you for a single fee of 199 Euros (EUR). To send the payment to us you can use a bank transfer, Money Gram, Web Money, credit card, Bitcoin or Western Union.
  1. To open your international payment services private account, the beneficial owner will need to provide the following documents in English (or translated into English):
  • The forms for opening a private account that have been filled in correctly, printed off and signed
  • A copy of a valid identification document which can be a passport or national identity card. This must show the photograph of the holder and their signature
  • Proof of address or funding of account via bank transfer from a bank account

Once these documents are ready please send them to us at the Offshore Pro Group and our experts will check them diligently to ensure that they fully meet the requirements of this financial institution. After verification the documents will be sent quickly to Malta and then it will take this financial institution around 7 working days to have your new international payment services personal account up and running for you.

It is very easy to get started with your application for a new non resident payment services personal account with this financial institution in Malta. Send us over an email right now to [email protected] and we will get working on your application fast.