Aug 31, 2020

Personal bank account in Puerto Rico

This bank in Puerto Rico is designed to offer a borderless lifestyle to its clients. Since many domestic banks do not keep up with the changes in their clients banking, this bank does due to technological advances in the banking industry with no need to limit your banking options at home. You will now have the freedom to use online banking with the highest quality service, provided with the lowest costs, regardless of your location.

Benefits of opening a personal account in Puerto Rico 

This bank is a licensed international reliable bank with many benefits.

  • Multiple currency accounts – Open to several currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, HKD, CHF, NOK, JPY, PLN, NZD, SGD and SEK. The banks goal is to offer flexibility and protection when conducting business locally and around the world. 
  • Competitive exchange rates – Rates are as low as 0.5% when converting between 13 different currencies directly from your personal bank account. It is possible to hold multiple currency types with no additional cost. 
  • Fully secured online banking – One of the biggest perks these days, especially during the worldwide pandemic, is online banking. This Puerto Rican bank has a fast, easy and totally secured online banking platform which gives its clients the possibility to bank from home or on the go. The bank utilizes the latest security and online banking functionalities so its clients can carry out online transactions in total security and convenience. 
  • Full-Reserve banking – This bank is a full-reserve bank and holds a 100% deposit ratio, extends no loans and operates completely on trading commissions and transaction fees. They do not speculate with client funds or engage in proprietary trading. 
  • Dedicated customer support – The banks customer support team is available to its clients 24/7 through secure messaging or a call center.
  • Bank cards – Accepted cards in more than 200 countries worldwide. They can be used online, at point-of-sale, cash point, ATM’s and bank machines. 
  • No maximum deposit terms
  • Minimum deposit – 500 EUR

Fees and charges 

  • Account opening – free

Monthly maintenance- 4.50 EUR 

Additional currency and maintenance- free

Blocked account – 54 EUR 

  • Convenience fees 

Online banking access – free

Account closure – free

Investigation of a SWIFT transfer – 55 EUR

Recall and repair of a SWIFT transfer – 55 EUR 

Wire return – 55 EUR 

Reactivation – 75 EUR 

  • Wire transfers 
  1. Incoming: 

0 EUR – 12,500 EUR – 15 EUR  

12,501 EUR – 50, 000 EUR – 30 EUR 

50,000 EUR+ – 90 EUR 

  1. Outgoing: 

0 EUR – 12,500 EUR – 27 EUR  

12,501 EUR – 50, 000 EUR – 42 EUR 

50,000 EUR+ – 102 EUR

Who would be a good fit?

Given that we are talking about opening a personal bank account in Puerto Rico, any individual could be a good fit if the benefits mentioned above seem to fit his expectations. With these low fees, easy maintenance and high security going with opening a personal bank account with this bank in Puerto Rico would certainly bring you positive things. If you are not sure weather this bank is a good fit for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you resolve your doubts. 

How can you apply?

Opening a personal bank account in this bank is very simple, and you can do it anywhere in the world online.  You will need to fill out a form with basic information about you (name, surname, citizenship, phone number, email, country where you currently live, etc.).  After that, the information will be processed and if everything is in order, we will continue with the opening of the account. 

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