Oct 17, 2016

Opening A Personal Account With An Established Bank In The Cayman Islands Which Is Heavily Client Orientated With Multiple Investment Opportunities.

The Offshore Pro Group international banking professionals will assist you in the opening of a private account in the Cayman Islands with a bank that provides the benefits below:

  • Tax free jurisdiction
  • Publically owned and traded bank
  • Well established offshore bank
  • Remote account opening
  • Range of investment products
  • Multi currency accounts
  • Online banking

Contact us via email [email protected] for the right professional advice about opening a personal account with this bank in the Cayman Islands. It is highly recommended that you initially go through the steps on this page Free Professional Advice On Choosing A Foreign Or Offshore Bank Account.

The Jurisdiction Of The Cayman Islands

Located in the Western Caribbean Sea, the Cayman Islands is a British Territory Overseas which is situated south of Cuba and North of Panama. There are around 60,000 people resident in the Cayman Islands and the official language of the country is English. It is a non self governing territory and this is rare in the world. The official currency is the Cayman Islands Dollar which is pegged to the United States Dollar (USD).

According to the CIA World Factbook, residents of the Cayman Islands enjoy the highest standard of living in the Caribbean. The GDP per capita of the Cayman Islands is the 14th highest in the world.  Being a British overseas territory the country has a history of stable government. The Cayman Islands has a AAA sovereign risk rating due to its prudent economic policies.

The Cayman Islands is renowned as being one of the leading offshore jurisdictions in the world. It has a good reputation for the establishment of hedge funds and private equity funds. Not only this, the Cayman Islands are experienced in transactions for equity, debt and insurance capital market transactions as well as joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions.

There are no direct taxes of any kind in the Cayman Islands. This includes income, capital gains, profits or withholding taxes and corporation tax. The regulation and supervision of financial services in the Cayman Islands (which includes banking) is carried out by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA).

The maintenance of a first class financial system is the mission of CIMA and they will ensure that banks in the Cayman Islands comply with international standards. CIMA uses a risk based as well as a rules based approach to regulation and supervision. An example of this is their involvement with the fight against money laundering which the country has long been committed to. The nation is fully compliant with the requirements of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

The Cayman Islands is also socially stable and combined with their economic and political stability and the stringent banking regulations that are diligently supervised, the Cayman Islands is an excellent choice of jurisdiction for the protection, diversification and enhancement of your capital.

Your Personal Account In This Cayman Islands Private Bank

This bank is a leading provider of international banking services in the Cayman Islands. It was founded in 1974 and is a traded company which is publically owned. The bank has grown steadily over the years and has added more branches and some overseas offices. The bank has accumulated a wealth of experience in the financial sector.

The philosophy of the bank is to provide the highest quality customer service which they do through listening intently to the needs of their clients. It will then fulfil those needs to assist clients to achieve their financial goals. The bank has a number of international connections which enable it to provide everything that its clients desire.

Non resident clients receive a dedicated value added relationship, and the international premier banking division has a dedicated team of relationship managers and support staff and they have can offer Spanish speaking services as well as English. This team is experienced in taking care of high net worth individuals and implementing strategies for the protection, enhancement and diversification of their assets.

The bank is also a full service investment brokerage company and is able to provide a personalized investment service to its clients. This starts at the advisory level focussing on personalized asset allocation. This will be based on your financial aims, your tolerance to risk and your time horizon. A diversified portfolio will then be created for you and managed by the experienced and professional bank personnel.

Fund administration services are also available from this bank and this includes alternative investment funds and other complex structures. Experienced and well qualified banking personnel use the latest technology in the fund administration industry so that efficient services that are tailored to client requirements can be provided.

This bank has been awarded Bank of the Year by the Financial Times in 2005, 2008 and 2012. The Offshore Pro Group offers you the opportunity to open a private account in the Cayman Islands with this bank and you will also receive professional financial advice from the bank for the protection, diversification and growth of your capital.

Your Private Banking Services At This Cayman Islands Bank For Your Asset Protection And Growth

You will be able to open a non resident personal account remotely with this bank in the Cayman Islands, so there is no need for you to travel there and meet with bank representatives. Once you have opened your private account you will be able to take advantage of a wide range of financial services that this bank can offer you.

You will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager as soon as your account has been opened. Your personal relationship manager will want to work closely with you to fully understand your financial aspirations and then an investment strategy will be developed and a portfolio created and managed for you.

You will have professional investment advice available to you whenever you need it. The bank has a number of investment experts who can advise on the ever changing world of investments. These experts will help you to build a diversified portfolio that will be the foundation of your success as an investor. This will help you to be safeguarded from investment risks.

If you require customized fiduciary asset management then the bank has access to some of the best investment managers through its institutional relationships. With this kind of account structure you will have access to liquidity without incurring fees that are normally associated with trading accounts that are commission based.

You can choose between a personal checking multi currency account or a premier checking account. The multi currency accounts are available in US Dollars (USD), British Pounds Sterling (GBP), Euros (EUR), Canadian Dollars (CAD) and other major world currencies. With the premier checking account you have the choice of US Dollars (USD) or Cayman Island Dollars.

This bank can offer you a range of debit and credit cards that meet your financial requirements. These card products are branded by Visa and MasterCard. The Visa Debit card provides you with the same flexibility as a credit card when it comes to worldwide purchases and ATM cash withdrawals. Credit cards are available with varying credit limits and other benefits.

The bank offers a highly secure online banking facility that you can use to access your account from anywhere 24/7 with an Internet connection. Account balances can be viewed and you can view and print statements and pay bills. Wire transfers can also be requested and you can order and view checks. If you have a fixed deposit, savings or payment card account you can access these as well.

The minimum deposit required to open a private account with this bank in the Cayman Islands is 100,000 US Dollars (USD).

The account and transaction charges that are levied by this bank are subject to change at any time. It is essential that you check the current charges with your professional Offshore Pro Group international banking consultant. Your consultant will provide advice and guidance so that you can achieve the most preferential rates.

Here Is The Exact Process That You Must Follow To Successfully Open A Personal Account With This Bank In The Cayman Islands

To be successful with the opening a non resident private account with this bank in the Cayman Islands it is very important that you please follow this step by step process exactly:

  1. Please use email to contact us [email protected] for the right advice on how to open a personal account with this bank in the Cayman Islands. We strongly recommend that you go through the questions on this page initially Offshore bank accounts making the right choice.

It is vital that you fully understand the risks of non resident banking in today’s climate and strongly consider a second non resident bank account.

  1. We will provide total professional assistance to you in opening a private account at this bank in the Cayman Islands, and for this there will be a fee payable of 2999 EUR. The payment can be made through a credit card, a bank transfer, Web Money, Western Union, Bitcoin or Money Gram.
  1. The bank will require the beneficial owner and all proposed account signatories to supply comprehensive documentaion to open a private account. This will include:
  • Certified or notarised true copy of a clear and valid copy of the individual’s passport photo and signature pages
  • Certified or notarised true copy of a form of residential address confirmation for all individuals on the account (e.g. current driver’s license or utility bill no older than 3 months)
  • Bank reference addressed to the bank.  All references must confirm the date of the relationship established (minimum of three years), average balance for the past year and satisfactory conduct of account
  • A short bio which includes the source of wealth of the beneficial owners, along with supporting documentation
  • Salary Letter (if applicable as source of funds)
  • Two years tax return or copy of tax advice letter, where appropriate

As soon as we receive the required documentation from you it will be checked and then sent on to the bank. After this there will be a waiting period of around 15 working days for your non resident private account in the Cayman Islands to be opened at this bank.

Start the process of opening a private account at this bank in the Cayman Islands by contacting us via email [email protected] today.