Sep 6, 2016

Personal Account Opening in a Classic Alpine Private Bank with Low Minimum Deposit

The international banking consultants at the Offshore Pro Group offer you the ability to open a private account in Liechtenstein without having to visit the bank. The bank offers the following benefits:

  • Low minimum deposit of only 5000 CHF
  • Economically and politically stable jurisdiction
  • Deposit Guarantee Scheme
  • Compliant with international banking regulations
  • Investment and asset management advice
  • HNWI family owned and strong management


Contact us via email [email protected] for totally professional advice about opening a private account with this bank in Liechtenstein. It is highly recommended that you initially go through the steps on this page Free Professional Advice On Choosing A Foreign Or Offshore Bank Account.

Offshore Banking In Liechtenstein

Located between Austria and Switzerland in Central Europe, the Principality of Liechtenstein occupies a small geographical area and has a population of around 35,000 people. The Principality is highly industrialized and has a strong economy. The business taxes are extremely low, and the country has the lowest external debt in the world and the second highest GDP per capita. The unemployment rates are the world’s second lowest.

The Principality is also proud of its high political and social stability. Liechtenstein uses the Swiss Franc (CHF) for its currency owing to its close ties and agreements with neighboring Switzerland. All of this means that Liechtenstein offers you a safe and stable environment for your assets.

In recent years Liechtenstein has worked hard to ensure that the Principality is seen as a legitimate financial center. In 2008 Liechtenstein signed an agreement with the USA to share transaction details and other information for accounts held by US citizens. The following year it signed an agreement with the OECD which meant that it would provide more financial transparency.

An EU deal with Liechtenstein in 2015 will make it impossible for EU residents to store capital in Liechtenstein with a complete level of privacy. From 1 January 2016 tax administrators from EU member states, as well as in Liechtenstein, will be able to identify tax payers from their countries and enforce their tax laws in a cross border situation. It should be noted that an account in Liechtenstein is not for hiding money but for protecting your assets and diversifying them.

An agreement that has ended the bank secrecy era was signed in October 2014 and introduces the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI). Participating countries will need to gather the relevant details from financial institutions every year that cover:

  • Reportable income
  • Financial Institutions
  • Reportable Accounts
  • Due Diligence Procedures

Liechtenstein, along with 55 other jurisdictions, has committed to undertake the AEoI reporting by 2017.

Liechtenstein has introduced a Deposit Guarantee Scheme that will aim to provide coverage for bank deposits to protect investors. If the bank is unable to pay out due to a default then the scheme will guarantee private client deposits up to 100,000 CHF. Your experienced international banking consultant at the Offshore Pro Group can provide more details on this for you.

Liechtenstein, under the leadership of its Princely family, was smart enough to develop its financial sector many years ago, due to the lack of natural resources in the country. Today capital is attracted into the Principality on a regular basis.

The Classic Bank In Liechtenstein with CHF 5000 minimum deposit or equivalent

This particular bank has been operating in Liechtenstein since 2001 and offers multi-lingual service in English, French, German and Russian languages. The aim of the bank is to create and maintain productive and beneficial relationships with its clients, regardless of their country of residence.

This is a classic old school private bank with a modern pro-business approach. This financial institution is not only a place to protect your investments, but also they will provide investment advice and asset management. The Offshore Pro Group offers account opening in this bank in Liechtenstein for private clients. There is no need to travel!

With the Offshore Pro Group you can open accounts in Liechtenstein with a minimum deposit that is at least 10 times lower than in similar quality banks in Liechtenstein, Luxembourg or Switzerland. To be precise: CHF 5000. You will be able to open a personal account and simultaneously gain access to a wide range of other private banking products to protect and enhance your wealth.

The bank has very professional employees, and the policy of the government is to comply with global standards to ensure Liechtenstein remains a reputable, white-listed jurisdiction. The bank has complied with all international standards of transparency and exchange of information within the framework of the OECD since the inception of the pilot program.

It is a very modern financial institution that follows the traditions of classic European private banking, and is committed to the highest levels of banking due diligence. By this, we mean it operates a risk based approach: if you conduct unusual transactions, you can expect some questions, but once you have established a profile you will not be bothered by bureaucratic, check-the-box compliance.

Historically, the bank was owned by three high-net-worth families. Two of these families are from Switzerland and the other from Germany. Under the guidance of these families, the bank operates not only at the European level, but it is a truly international bank.

Being family owned has helped the bank maintain conservative policies, and this has had a very positive impact on its standing as an international bank. The smaller size of the bank, together with a very stable management team and above all close family ownership, means that the bank can concentrate on providing a very special level of cooperation with customers and form close personal relationships.

The bank is managed by a family holding company in Switzerland. The holding company was initially involved in the transport and logistics sector, but after many years they switched over to the financial industry.

The said family holding company was actually established in the late 19th century, and this demonstrates the stability and commitment of the family. They wanted to create something that is necessary and very important, and they have achieved this with the bank. Currently the holding company operates in 35 countries and has around 4,000 employees. It has an annual turnover in the region of 1.1 billion US Dollars.

Private Bank Account In Liechtenstein for your personal asset protection

The bank offers the facility to open private accounts for foreign clients. The bank offers the creation of an attractive portfolio. It will work closely with customers and advise them on the most beneficial investment strategies. Some of their products include brokerage, the acquisition of shares, bonds and other securities.

The minimum deposit required for a private bank account is 5 thousand Swiss Francs (5000 CHF) or the equivalent sum in another currency. This is a small requirement to work with an old style European private bank that has such a good reputation, and an array of financial products to offer you. The opening deposit must be transferred alongside the submission of the application, and will of course be returned in full in the event that the bank declines the account application.

The fees that the bank charges are always subject to change, it is important that you check the current fees with your Offshore Pro Group international banking consultant. If you are interested in receiving the very best rates, you can state that you require beneficial international banking fees when you complete the international bank selection form.

Internet Banking

A sophisticated Internet banking service is provided by the bank so that clients have uninterrupted access to their accounts. You will be able to access your funds and seamlessly carry out online transactions. You can make a balance enquiry, receive electronic statements, purchase investment products, contact the bank directly and much more.

The bank has always supported modern technology, and provides a very safe Internet banking service to ensure that your money is totally secure when it is under the control of the bank.

Private Banking And Investment Products From Liechtenstein

The bank has a lot of professional expertise and will assist you in the creation of an investment portfolio. As a private banking customer, you will receive professional advice on how to protect your assets and grow them.

The main business area of the bank is financial planning services, advice on strategies, the organization and creation of investment portfolios and other investment and financial services.

Credit Cards Available From The Bank in Liechtenstein

As a customer of the bank you will be able to apply for credit cards with MasterCard or Visa brands. When you use these cards you will have round the clock access to your funds wherever you are in the world. The cards offer numerous advantages that include free travel insurance, attractive discounts on hotel reservations, discounts on flights, discounts at specific restaurants and more.

The Procedure For Opening A Personal Account At This Bank in Liechtenstein

To open a personal account at this bank you will need to follow this step by step procedure:

  1. Contact us by email [email protected] for professional advice about opening an account with this bank. In all cases we suggest to go first through the Free Professional Advice On Choosing A Foreign Or Offshore Bank Account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure that you understand the risks of offshore banking today and also consider opening a second offshore bank account.

  1. We will assist you in opening an account at the bank and for this you will need to pay a fee of 1999 EUR. You can pay by credit card, bank transfer, Money Gram, Western Union, Web Money or even Bitcoin.
  2. The bank will require you to provide comprehensive documentation to open the account. For all owners and signatories to the account the following documents will be required:
  • The completed, printed and signed copy of the bank account opening form, Know Your Customer form and a personal CV
  • A notarized passport copy (the page with the photograph and signature) held by owners and signatories to the account.
  • Power of attorney / signature card
  • US tax form for individuals and US withholding tax form
  • Mailing instructions
  • Declaration of tax compliance

Once you have submitted all of the documentation you will need to wait for between 10 to 30 business days for the account to be opened at the bank.

To begin the process of opening a personal account at this high quality Liechtenstein bank, please contact us by email [email protected]