Sep 29, 2016

You Can Open A Personal Account With A Belize Bank Which Accepts US Citizens And The Minimum Deposit Is Low.

You have the opportunity to open a personal account in a Belize bank with the assistance of the Offshore Pro Group. These are the benefits for you:

  • Works with international clients
  • Remote account opening – no need for you to visit the bank
  • The minimum deposit is lower than other offshore banks
  • Multi currency accounts are available
  • US citizens are accepted
  • Wide range of financial products
  • Good online banking

You will receive the right advice and guidance from us in relation to the opening of a non resident private account with this Belize bank so email us at [email protected]  The first recommended step is to take a look at and answer the questions you will find on this page Free Advice That You Need For Choosing A Non Resident Or Foreign Bank Account.

The Jurisdiction Of Belize

Belize is located in the South East section of the Yucatan Peninsula and it is a modern, dynamic country with a rich heritage. It is a British Commonwealth country and also a member of the WTO, United Nations and the IMF. It is a parliamentary democracy and the Belizean dollar is the national currency and this is pegged at a 2:1 rate with the US dollar.

Belize has a stable economy and exports agrarian goods. They also rely on tourism. Their economy is continuing to grow and the country is politically and socially stable as well. It is a low tax jurisdiction and they have very strict privacy laws. Belize will not disclose banking information to any foreign parties unless a court order is issued.

Belize sits on top of ratings for offshore jurisdictions that have been compiled by Swiss company Guaranty Trust Ltd, and these assess many different criteria such as the secrecy of banking, communications of the country, the legal system, and the tax regime.

The government of Belize are very much against any illegal monetary practices such as money laundering. In 1996 they passed the Money Laundering Prevention Act and now there are very stringent measures in place to ensure that illegal proceedings do not take place in the financial institutions of the country. The banking sector in Belize is regulated by the Central Bank of Belize.

The Central Bank of Belize imposes an adequacy ratio of at least 9% on their banks and a liquidity requirement of at least 24%. With the changes that have been made to the financial industry in Belize combined with their stable currency, political and economic stability and the banking privacy laws make this jurisdiction a good choice for the safekeeping, diversification and growth of your capital.

 The Private Bank In Belize To Protect Your Assets

This bank was formed in 1998 and was awarded a Class A license to provide quality international banking services to non resident clients. The bank considers itself to be a leader and innovator in Belize when it comes to international banking services.

The bank has a mission to provide innovative and superior banking services which are tailored to meet the requirements of international clients, through the utilization of technology and the skills and experience of their highly trained employees.

This bank exceeds the adequacy ratio and liquidity requirement that has been imposed by the regulator, the Central Bank of Belize. This means that the bank offers a safe place for your deposits and will not over speculate on any client funds.

The bank will want to get to know you as a private account holder and it has a professional approach which builds trust with the bank’s clients. The representatives of the bank will want to discuss your financial aspirations with you and they can offer fixed term deposits as well as competitive savings accounts as well as loan services.

Services Offered By This Belize Bank

This bank will allow you to open a non resident private account remotely, which means there is no necessity to travel to Belize to visit the bank. Once your account is open you will be able to use a number of financial products designed to enhance your capital.

The bank offers multi currency accounts so it is possible for you to hold one currency or multiple currencies in your account. You can hold funds in Canadian Dollars (CAD), Euros (EUR) or British Pounds Sterling (GBP). With your demand deposit account you will be able to make unlimited deposits and withdrawals without charge.

Fixed term deposits are also available from the bank for a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month period. The interest rates are generous and there is a minimum deposit required of 25,000 US Dollars (USD). You have the choice of compounding interest, the interest being automatically transferred to your account or a bank draft of the interest being issued.

There are also regular and premium savings accounts offered by this bank. The interest rate is competitive and there is a requirement of 500 US Dollars (USD) to open a savings account. Quarterly statements will be issued and you can access your account information 24/7 with the online banking service.

Loans (including mortgage loans) are available from this bank and these are US Dollar accounts with unique structures that are not subjected to any currency control regulations. There are no currency conversion fees and no tax deductions with these loans.

The bank can offer a range of pre paid / credit cards that are branded by MasterCard and Visa. The credit cards have competitive annual interest rates and there is a credit minimum of 1,000 US Dollars and a credit maximum of 25,000 US Dollars. Customer service is available with these cards 24 hours a day. There are also perks with these cards such as travel accident insurance and auto rental insurance.

You will be able to use the cards worldwide and you can obtain cash from most ATM machines as well. The cards are secured with 150% cash collateral. You can access your card accounts online 24/7. All of the cards are available in US Dollars (USD).

This bank can provide you with their online banking service for 24/7 access to your account. The service is very secure and adheres to the high level international bank security standards. You will be able to view the balances of your accounts, view recent transactions, view statements and make payments as well as use other services with this online banking service. If you have a pre paid or credit card there is a highly secure online service to provide access to these accounts as well.

You will only need to make a minimum deposit of 3000 US Dollars (USD) for a personal bank account at this Belize bank. There is no minimum maintenance amount required with a demand deposit account. This low deposit requirement is a major benefit as similar offshore banks would demand more.

The commission fees payable for transactions can change, so be sure to check these fees with your consultant from the Offshore Pro Group. When you complete the international bank selection form you can state that you require the best rates.

To Open A Private Account With This Belize Bank Please Follow This Procedure

In order to be successful with a non resident private account with this bank in Belize it is essential that you follow this step by step process:

  1. Get in touch with us using email [email protected] for all the advice that you need to open a personal account with this bank in Belize. Your first step should be to absorb the information on this page and then answer the questionnaire that follows Free Guidance On Making The Right Selection Of International Bank Account.

Important: You must be aware that there are risks involved with non resident bank accounts today and to cover yourself you should think about opening a second non resident account.

  1. We will help you with the entire process of account opening with this Belize bank and for our professional services there will be a cost of 2999 EUR. You can choose to pay by bank transfer, credit cards, Bitcoin, Web Money, Western Union or Money Gram.
  1. The beneficial owner and all proposed account signatories are required to supply certified documentaion in English (or translated into English) to open a private account. You will need to provide:
  • A certified (notarized) copy of the passport (the page that has the photograph and signature) or a valid driving license or social security card
  • An original utility bill (which is less than two months old) or a bank statement that provides proof of address.
  • A bank reference letter for the beneficial owner and account signatories. A reference from a bank is prefered, a reference from a practicing attorney or certified accountant is acceptable. References must be less than 3 months old and written on official staionery and should indicate a relationship period of at least 2 years, the status of the relationship and the type of relationship
  • United States Tax Identification Number or Social Security Number (US citizens)

After submission of these documents to us, a thorough check will be made and they will be given to the bank. There will then be a waiting period of around 10 business days for your Belize private non resident account to be opened for you.

Start the opening process for a private account at this Belize bank today by emailing us at [email protected]