Oct 17, 2016

Personal Account Opening With EU Secured Deposit Scheme In A Well Regulated Private UK Bank With Investment Options.

The Offshore Pro Group offers you the ability to open a private account in Liechtenstein with a bank that offers the following benefits:

  • Well established bank
  • Highly regulated European bank
  • EU Deposit Guarantee Scheme
  • Deposit guarantee scheme
  • Wide range of investment products
  • Internet / mobile banking

Contact us via email [email protected] for totally professional advice about opening a personal account with this bank in the UK. It is highly recommended that you initially go through the steps on this page Free Professional Advice On Choosing A Foreign Or Offshore Bank Account.

Private Banking In The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, just known as the United Kingdom (UK), is a European sovereign state which lies off the European mainland to the North-west. It has a population of over 65 million people and it is ruled by a constitutional monarchy and has a parliamentary system of governance.

A highly developed country, the United Kingdom is the fifth largest economy in the world by nominal GDP and it is categorized as being a high income economy by the World Bank. The United Kingdom became a member of the European Union (EU) in 1973 but a referendum has decided that the country will exit the EU in the next two years.

The United Kingdom is still considered to be a major power and it is a member of the United Nations Security Council, the Commonwealth of Nations, the World Trade Organization, NATO and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

There are very strict banking regulations in the United Kingdom and it is the responsibility of the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) to ensure the financial stability of UK banks and be part of the Bank of England. The conduct of the country’s financial institutions is now under the scrutiny of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and it is the watchdog for the Bank of England. The United Kingdom is a very good choice of jurisdiction for the protection of your assets and for diversification and growth.

As the United Kingdom is still a member of the European Union, the Deposit Guarantee Scheme is in force in the country. This scheme aims to protect investors by providing coverage for deposits in UK. It is extremely unlikely that a bank in the United Kingdom would not be able to meet its payment obligations and go into default, but if this were to happen then the scheme will cover bank deposits made by clients up to 100,000 Euros (EUR). For more details about the Deposit Guarantee Scheme please contact your Offshore Pro Group international banking consultant.

United Kingdom Private Bank

This well regulated European bank was opened in 2011. It is a subsidiary of the main bank which is based in Liechtenstein and this was founded in 1998. It was decided to open the bank in the United Kingdom was an expression of commitment to form long lasting relationships with clients in the UK as well as international clients.

The bank is located in the center of London and it is the aim of this bank to deepen and strengthen the excellent relations that have been formed over the years in the United Kingdom. The philosophy of this bank is that clients will always come first. It has a network of professional partners that are in the fields of investment funds, fiduciary services, legal experts, insurance experts and tax advisers.

A range of financial services and advice are available for the protection and management of your wealth which includes financial planning and financing. Despite their impressive ties with other financial experts, the bank is proud to be fully independent as it enables focus to applied on clients and providing what they need through advice and services.

This bank is family owned and value personal and long term client relationships very highly. The bank will aim to understand your situation completely using a holistic approach, and then provide the necessary support to assist you in achieving your financial goals. They have formulated their business model to enable a joint future for both the bank and its clients.

The Offshore Pro Group offers you the opportunity to open a private account in the United Kingdom and you will also receive professional financial advice from the bank for the safeguarding, diversification and growth of your assets.

Private Client And Other Services Offered By This United Kingdom Bank

With this private bank you will be able to open a non resident private account but you will first need to arrange a visit with bank representatives in either the United Kingdom or Liechtenstein. Please note that the bank will not open personal accounts for citizens of the United States of America.  Applicants for personal accounts must not be politically exposed or doing anything illicit or illegal. Once your personal account has been opened, you will have access to a number of banking and investment services.

This bank can provide a wide range of advice and this includes wealth management and wealth protection. For wealth management the bank will provide you with the right combination of performance, attractive terms and conditions and the limitation of risk. The bank will invest your funds and then monitor the portfolio that they have created for you making any adjustments that are necessary.

When it comes to wealth protection the aim of the bank will be to protect your wealth from the exposure of risk and other uncertainties. Your wealth will be protected during your lifetime and for future generations to come.

In order to establish long term protection of your assets, the coordination and integration of the various asset protection instruments recommended by the bank will be done with great precision. This is done in cooperation with the bank’s international network and places the bank in the right position to offer long term protection. The most often used instruments are insurance, trusts, foundations and pension funds.

The choice of investment strategy will be based on a thorough analysis of the client’s situation. The bank offers investment services from conservative to proactive. The determination of the right investment strategy will come after a full consultation to understand your financial aspirations.

Because the bank is independent, it is able to develop an individual investment strategy that is tailored to your personal risk profile and financial goals. The bank will create investment products and instruments that will meet both your long and short term goals.

There are a number of general banking services that the bank can provide you with.  There are various kinds of accounts on offer and the bank will advise you of the competitive conditions that these accounts offer you and assist you in choosing the right accounts for your circumstances.

International payment transactions can be offered by this bank. They are a member of the international payment transaction platform SWIFT as well as SIC/Euro SIC. This means that any international payments can be performed quickly and reliably.

You will be able to apply for a Maestro debit card from the bank which will enable you to make purchases around the globe where the Maestro card is accepted. With this card you will also be able to withdraw money from ATM’s across Europe and beyond.

The bank will provide you with access to their online banking platform so that you will have 24 hour a day access to your account wherever you are in the world with an Internet connection. This service is very secure and meets the highest security standards. You will be able to view the balance of your account and see general overviews or detailed information about your transactions. There is also a messenger system included so that you can contact staff at the bank in relation to your account.

The minimum deposit required for a private bank account with this United Kingdom Bank is 100,000 British Pounds Sterling (GBP). There is no minimum balance requirement to maintain a personal account but we do recommend that you have a minimum amount in your account to cover bank charges.

The account and transaction fees that the bank levies are always subject to change, it is important that you check the current fees with your Offshore Pro Group international banking consultant. If you are interested in receiving the very best rates, you can state that you require beneficial international banking fees when you complete the international bank selection form.

To Open A Private Account With This United Kingdom Bank Please Follow This Procedure

In order to be successful in opening a non resident private account with this bank in the United Kingdom it is important that you precisely follow this step by step process:

  1. Contact us via email [email protected] for totally professional advice about opening a private account with this bank in the UK. It is highly recommended that you initially go through the steps on this page Free Professional Advice On Choosing A Foreign Or Offshore Bank Account.

It is vital that you fully understand the risks of non resident banking in today’s climate and strongly consider opening a second foreign bank account.

  1. We will provide total professional assistance to you in opening a private account at this bank in the United Kingdom, and for this you will need to pay a fee of 1999 EUR. You can pay by credit card, bank transfer, Money Gram, Western Union, Web Money or even Bitcoin.
  1. The bank will require all proposed account signatories to supply certified documentaion in English (or translated into English) to open a private account. You will need to provide:
  • A certified copy of the passport (the page that has the photograph and signature)
  • An original utility bill (which is less than two months old) that provides proof of address.
  • A simple document that explains the source of the funds

Once you have submitted all of the required documents we will check them thoroughly and pass them on to the bank as quickly as possible. You will need to meet with representatives of the bank in either the UK or Liechtenstein. You will then need to wait for around 15-20 business days for your United Kingdom private foreign account to be opened at the bank.

To begin the process of opening a private account at this UK bank, please contact us by email [email protected]