Sep 29, 2016

You Can Open A Personal Account In A Swiss Bank With Multi Currency Accounts And Competitive Fees And A Minimum Deposit Low For A Swiss Bank.

The Offshore Pro Group will assist you to open a private account in Switzerland with a bank that will provide these benefits:

  • Low minimum deposit for Swiss bank
  • Competitive fees for account transactions
  • Multi currency accounts
  • Fast account opening
  • Comprehensive range of services for asset growth and diversification
  • Highly personalized service
  • Remote account opening
  • Range of prepaid and credit cards
  • Trading platform for options, stocks, futures and FOREX

For the very best advice from experienced professionals about opening a personal account with this bank in Switzerland please email us at [email protected]  The first step that we recommend is to take a look at this page and answer the questions and send your answers to us Help And Advice On Selecting The Best Non Resident Bank Account That Will Meet Your Requirements.

The Jurisdiction Of Switzerland

Situated to the west of Central Europe, Switzerland is a directorial federal republic and it is one of the most developed countries on the planet. It has the highest nominal wealth for each adult and in terms of gross domestic product per capita it ranks eighth in the world.

The Swiss Franc (CHF) has been reasonably stable when compared to other world currencies. The financial sector in Switzerland comprises of around 12% of their GDP and employs around 200,000 people. With the country’s neutrality and national sovereignty they have been able to develop a banking sector which has thrived.

Swiss banks provide an excellent choice for the protection, diversification and enhancement of your capital. Approximately one third of global private wealth is based in Swiss banks. For many years Switzerland was known for its banking secrecy but things have changed. Hiding your money in Switzerland is no longer an option, as the country has been forced into complying with international banking regulations.

Switzerland is worthy of consideration for your personal account due to its political and economic stability. There is a very high innovation rate in Switzerland, and the political system is totally democratic. There is virtually no unemployment in the country.

Tax transparency and more stringent laws regarding knowing your customer (KYC) has had its impact on Swiss banks too. But Switzerland is still a very good option for capital diversification and there are more experienced private bankers in Switzerland than in any other country.

The banks in Switzerland are tightly regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and its authority is derived from federal statutes. The stable economy and the wealth of expert private bankers make the banks in Switzerland ideal for the protection and diversification of your assets.

The Private Bank In Switzerland

This bank can be considered as a “traditional Swiss bank” and it was founded in 1990 in Geneva. It is fully privately owned and is a member of the Swiss Bankers Association, which is a trade association of Swiss bankers and is responsible for representing the banks with the Swiss government and the governments of other countries. It is also a member of the Swiss Exchange, which is the primary stock exchange in the country.

The changes in international banking regulations, and in particular the high reporting overheads inflicted by FATCA, has lead to the banks in Switzerland declining private account opening for US citizens. This bank is suitable for residents of the European Union and high net worth individuals from Asia.

The bank has a strong mandate that “every client is unique” and they can offer several strategies for client investments. They have a number of skilled investment advisors that will help you to make the right choice and you will be assigned a relationship manager with your new account. And you will receive sound advice without the need to visit the bank.

Services Offered By This Swiss Bank To Protect Your Assets

This international private bank in Switzerland will permit foreign clients to open a personal account for asset protection, diversification and growth. It is able to offer multi currency accounts in Swiss Francs (CHF), US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR) and British Pounds (GBP).

It is possible to open an account with this bank remotely, but you will need to attend a 15 minute video conference with your private banker before the account can be opened. There is no requirement for you to visit the bank in Switzerland. The bank has many international clients from around 145 countries and has expertise in providing foreign bank account services.

The private bankers at this bank are able to speak 12 different languages and these include:

Swiss German

Their official website is available in 6 languages which are English, French, Chinese, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

The bank will pay personal attention to the management of your wealth and they have a range of strategies for this which includes the trading of stocks and bonds, foreign exchange trading and hedge funds. They will recommend a mixed strategy to minimize risk, and they will perform research on your behalf and provide detailed analysis of how well each component of the investment strategy is working for you.

They also operate a Lombard Loans scheme which will provide you with fast and flexible credit which is based on the collateral that you have in liquid bonds and stocks. These loans can be enacted without the need to modify your existing portfolio and are available in all major currencies. Up to 70% credit is available and these can be renewed every 3 months. The interest rates are very competitive.

The bank is a true believer in technology and will provide you with an e-banking service that will give you 24 hour a day access to your account. This uses the Internet and is very secure complying with the latest international security standards. This real time e-banking service will allow you to view all account balances, order money transfers and view transactions (including credit cards). You will be able to consult with your private banker using this service.

You can apply for a range of prepaid and credit cards from the bank. These cards are branded by Visa and MasterCard and can be used virtually anywhere in the world. There is even an American Express credit card that is available in Euros (EUR), US Dollars (USD) or British Pounds (GBP).

To open a private bank account with this bank you will need to make a minimum deposit of 5000 CHF or 5000 EUR or 5000 USD. This is low compared to other Swiss banks that require many times this deposit amount for a private non resident foreign account.

The commissions that are levied by this bank are very competitive when compared to other Swiss banks but they can change at any time. It is essential that you check with your Offshore Pro Group international banking consultant about these commissions. Your consultant will help you to achieve the most beneficial rates.

Important Note:  The bank will not allow private account opening for beneficial owners that are domiciled in:

United States of America
North Korea

To Open A Private Account With This Swiss Bank You Must Follow This Procedure

In order to be successful in opening a non resident private account with this bank in Switzerland it is important that you precisely follow this process step by step:

  1. Please send us an email to [email protected] so that we can help you and provide professional support for the opening of a private account with this bank in Switzerland. We strongly recommend that you read the information and respond to the questions on this page initially Free Professional Help With Selecting The Non Resident Bank Account That Will Meet Your Needs.

There are risks associated with holding only one non residential bank account so please give consideration to a second account. This page will explain Why a second non resident bank account is a good decision.

  1. We will provide our expert international banking services to you so that you can successfully open a private account at this Swiss bank, and for this there will be a payment required of 1999 EUR. Payments can be made via Bitcoin, bank transfer, Western Union, credit card, or Web Money.
  1. The main beneficiary as well as all proposed account signatories are required to supply certified documentaion in English (or translated into English) to open a private account. You will need to provide:
  • A certified copy of the passport (the page that has the photograph and signature)
  • An original utility bill (which is less than two months old) a bank statement that provides proof of address.

Once we receive the required documents from you they will be checked and then we will pass them on to the bank without delay. We will send you the Account Opening Agreement (AOA) the same day as we receive your documents. You will then need to sign the AOA and send it directly to the bank (we will provide the necessary bank details).

This bank does not require a bank reference, but will require you to attend a pleasant 10-15 minute video conference session with a bank employee. They do this to establish a good relationship with client’s right from the start. You will be provided with your account number the same day that you make an application for a private account. After this please give the bank about 10-15 business days for your Swiss private foreign account to be operational.

The process of opening a private account at this Swiss bank will begin after you have sent an email to [email protected]