Sep 11, 2019

Secured credit cards with an offshore bank account in St. Lucia

What are these secured credit cards issued by St. Lucia bank and how do they work?

A secured credit card is not a typical credit card. It basically works like a regular debit card but has some major key advantages over a debit and credit card together.

Clients are requested to provide a deposit in their bank in order to secure their limits. Usually the same amount that you put on your account will be the amount that you can actually spend. A deposit itself represents a security for the purchases you make using the card. The credit limit on a secured credit card will usually be equal to your security deposit.

Some main advantages of a secured credit card issues by this respectable St. Lucian offshore bank comparing with regular credit card:

  1. Secured credit card will be easily approved, comparing to a credit card
  2. Some goods and services can be paid online only with credit cards. Secured credit cards will be also accepted, unlike debit cards.
  3. Clients with bad credit history are welcome to apply for a secured debit card.

At this time, we offer you to open an offshore bank account and get a secured credit card immediately.

Not only that you can have an account in a reputable bank in Caribbean but you can also use their outstanding service and flexibility to finally buy products online that simply could not accept any of your debit cards.

  • Fees and limits for secured credit cards issued by the St. Lucian bank:
  • Credit cards issued to clients must be secured by 125% of the credit limit.
  • All cards are issued in US Dollars only
  • When completing the application, please a desired credit limit desired must be indicated, as well as the card type
  • Business cards are issued only as VISA, Personal cards may be VISA or MasterCard
  • There is an annual fee of USD 60.00 for Personal Cards and USD 150.00 for Corporate


  • Your credit card will be paid off in full at the end of the month out of your operating

DDA account

  • The bank will process payments (in full) on behalf of clients on the monthly due date. There is a fee of USD 15.00 for the service. .
  • If a card is cancelled, funds will be returned from the security account to operating account after a period of 150 days.
  • Interest is paid at 0.30%p.a. on a minimum of USD 10,000.00 while funds are on the

security account.

  • A PIN (Personal Identification Number) will be sent one week after the card is delivered to the owner
  • Limits: ATM –  USD 2,000.00 for cash withdrawals per day with a limit of USD 1,000.00

per transaction. The weekly limit for cash withdrawals is five (5) per week and USD

5,000.00 in total.


ATM USD 12.00 or 2.5% (whichever is greater)

 There is no charge for POS(Point of Sale) transactions

 Interest is charged on any outstanding balance at 1.625% monthly

  • Fees:

New Card US$10.00

Additional Card US$ 8.00

Replacement Card US$15.00

Renewal Card US$ 7.00

Loading fee US$15.00

Cash withdrawals US$ 2.50

POS Transactions US$ 1.00

Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more and order these cards and your bank account in St. Lucia.