Feb 26, 2020

Selection of individual mortgages around the world for high net worth individuals

This service is designed for clients who have intention to acquire, refinance, use foreign real estate as mortgage. With our help, you can gain access to mortgage loan resources starting from million dollars and above, on most favorable terms and anywhere in the world.

We work in particular with those individuals who possess multiple nationalities and who are treated too high-risk and thereby rejected as clients by majority of other organizations.

You will find a questionnaire at the end of the article: if you wish to learn the preliminary loan conditions pertinent to your specific situation and make it confidential, you need to fill out the questionnaire below:

How can we help in obtaining a mortgage?

HNWI or high net worth individuals acquire property worldwide. And in many cases, ownership, management and financing of real estate will have its own intricacies.

The procedure for obtaining a mortgage in different countries looks different. In addition, linguistic, cultural and administrative barriers come forward, which it can be challenging to overcome on your own. Or at least it can be more expensive than it’s worth it.

Difficulties are added up by the different attitude depending on the citizenship of the owner / buyer, the lack of a single reporting format in different countries, not to mention the fact that the business itself in different countries is conducted on completely different terms.

Getting a mortgage loan abroad is a serious financial transaction that requires careful background work and an extensive package of documents to prepare. Moreover, it will not happen without your direct involvement.

However, with our help, you will be relieved of the majority of administrative barriers, have a comprehensive understanding about which mortgage loan suits you best, be sure to get the most favorable loan terms and save considerable time to focus on your own business.

In which countries and cities do we help get a mortgage?

Our colleagues are based in offices in London, Monaco and Dubai, however, thanks to extensive connections and vast experience, we are positioned to help you to get a mortgage all over the world.

Our experience allows us to provide favorable conditions for real estate transactions in London and the UK as a whole, in Paris and in the south of France, in Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, New York and other major US cities.

The loan term can start from 5 years. The conditions for repaying the debt depend on several factors, which we will discuss below.

What factors influence your application and final mortgage rates?

There are 4 key factors that will affect the conditions of a mortgage loan.

  1. Solvency. It will be required to show that you possess adequate property and income to prove your creditworthiness to the creditor and demonstrate your ability to fulfill the obligations undertaken. Additionally, you will also need to prove the legality of the origin of the funds.
  2. Compliance control. It is required to provide documents, including a copy of the passport, confirmation of the address of residence, documents on the status of a tax resident of a country. In some cases, a full compliance report may be required.
  3. Domestic credit policies. Each credit institution has its own internal lending/crediting rules. They may relate to the size of existing loans, types of real estate, collateral, and so on. Our help here consists in assistance to you in the course of your application process in such a way that it meets the applicable criteria. Or, alternatively we will negotiate special conditions for your specific case.
  4. The property. The property you offer should be a valuable asset that is enough to secure a loan. Lending specialists will take into account the value of the asset, its location, condition, market perspective. An additional asset as collateral will help increase the amount of the loan or reduce the total cost of the mortgage.

Our success stories

Below we present several cases where we helped clients to achieve outstanding results.

  1. Purchase of 2 million pounds worth property for a Russian student. The mother sent the child to study in London and wanted to buy housing there so that the student would have comfortable and safe living conditions, and at the same time, make a valuable investment for the family. The student was not eligible for a loan by age and due to lack of income. The mother did not have enough of her own income to personally cover the costs, and the father did not want to burden himself with another mortgage. Eventually, we identified a private banker who was ready to act as a personal guarantor, which allowed us to get a mortgage of 1.5 million pounds at 3.5% + LIBOR.
  2. Refinancing of property in Monaco for 7 million euros for a Russian client with resident status in Switzerland. Interaction with owners of different citizenships and residencies is always challenging. Moreover, Russians are often perceived as high-risk customers. Our client entered into a transaction which can hardly be qualified as successful: a loan of 4.8 million and 4 million collateral. Thanks to our efforts, the deal was transformed to offer more comfortable conditions: a loan of 4.5 million euros and a collateral (AUM) of only 1.3 million.

And these are only few examples of the outstanding and more recent achievements.

How to get individual mortgage rates on an international scale?

  1. Check out the form below. Prepare relevant information.
  2. Fill out the form and send it to us.
  3. We will study it and based on your data we will make inquiries to various institutions offering a mortgage. We you’re your identity confidential while making inquiries to potential lenders.
  4. As soon as we identify the most beneficial solution, we will contact you and make you the offer for our future cooperation.
  5. We will help you arrange a mortgage, and you can get access to the funds.

Take your time to fill out the questionnaire as detailed as possible. We understand that some of the data is confidential, but still it will help us get a general understanding, so that indicative mortgage rates are as close as possible to realistic.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask them by [email protected].