Jul 20, 2013

VIP Offshore Banking

You are a successful individual who has already made his mark in life. You demand the best, most personalized banking service that will fit around your busy life with access to unique and exclusive services. Welcome to VIP Banking. Think ‘liaison’ or ‘concierge’ for your private banking needs.

Offshore Pro Group’s VIP Banking Introduction services are designed to allow you to take full advantage of your wealth. We will introduce you to a world of private banking services that are so exclusive they are never advertised. We’ll handle everything on your behalf.

What is VIP Offshore Banking?

If you’ve heard stories about old style Swiss banking, you have an idea what we are talking about. We will introduce you to a European or Asian private bank where you will get the direct mobile phone number of a senior bank manager with decision making capacity. Forget about dealing with call centres or with junior bank officers who do not understand business.

However, traditional offshore private banking services offer a lot more than banking services. You can also expect experience in structuring sophisticated financial services such as investment or Lombard loans, and with non-traditional investments in the finer things in life like fine art or wine.

For larger VIP clients, your bank manager might invite you to sporting or cultural events, and can act as a concierge for travel arrangements: expect a luxury car to be waiting for you at the airport when you visit the bank, for example.

What does the bank expect in return?

Traditional private banking services like these require a long term commitment to invest in the bank, typically in seven figures. However, we realize that these days many entrepreneurs prefer to invest their own money rather than leave it sitting in the bank. We have therefore made arrangements with some offshore private banks that are willing to accept substantially smaller portfolios based on our recommendations. At this level there are no standardised products: all services are tailored to your exact requirements. Fees are negotiable: the key here is partnership.

How to Get Started

VIP service starts from your first contact with Offshore Pro Group. Please request our VIP service by email or Skype. We will immediately assign one of our most senior and experienced managers to you.