Apr 7, 2020

An LLC in the USA with a bank account for your IT business – remote registration from 3,999 EUR

We will be happy to assist you in opening a company with a bank account in the United States of America without leaving home. The offer should look especially attractive in the times when the freedom of movement is limited severely.

An IT company in the USA: enter a huge market

Google, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Sun Microsystems, Unix, IBM, and hundreds of other suchlike names. You have heard them many a time, have you not? All of those are American IT companies.  

Such US companies put forward a myriad of new ideas and new products every year and they receive healthy profits in return.

The competition is tough in the country in the IT sphere. Companies have to act quickly and efficiently. At the same time, the country offers countless fantastic opportunities for progress and company growth.

There is space for large IT companies in the USA as well as small startups that are only looking for their place under the sun.

Year after year, the number of foreign entrepreneurs who register companies in America is growing. Even trade wars and economic crises cannot stop business people from all over the world from establishing presence in North America.

This opportunity sounds even more inviting when there is a chance to open a company and a bank account in the USA in one go without having to travel to the country. Some will find such a move especially promising.

An LLC in the USA: advantages and specifics

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most popular form of company ownership in the United States. Foreigners, both private individuals and legal entities, can act as the US LLC owners.

There is no minimal requirement to the registered company capital but we recommend registering at least US$ 1,000 as the charter capital, as this will inspire confidence in the bankers when you set up a corporate account.

The company can be registered remotely.

In addition, an US-registered LLC is free to open a corporate account with an American bank or with a bank in any other country.

The United States of America is one of the best jurisdictions in the world in terms of the protection of personal information. The banks do not exchange their clients’ financial information and the company register is closed to the public so your company data will not be available to strangers.

If you receive profits outside the USA, you do not have to pay the local income tax.

Zero balance accounting is included into the overall price of the service package that we are offering. At the same time, accounting services in the EU may come up to several thousand euros per year. If you apply for our assistance, you can set up both the company and the corporate bank account in the USA remotely.

We register companies in the following states: California, Florida, Oregon, Delaware, and Nevada.

Documents required for company registration and bank account opening in the USA

Please be prepared to submit the following documents when registering a company in the United States:

  • Company founders’ passport copies (translated into English and legalized if necessary);
  • Proofs of residential addresses for all company founders (translated into English and legalized) not more than three months old.

Please also keep in mind that you will have to use the services of a local registration agent. Unless you are a legal resident of the United States, official correspondence can be sent only via such an intermediary.

The following documents are required to set up a bank account:

  • Company registration certificate and all other corporate documents;
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN);
  • Company founders’ personal documents;
  • Completed bank forms;
  • Telephone number (it can be a foreign telephone number).

The bank may also request additional documents if necessary.

The company registration and bank account opening in the USA normally takes between two and four weeks.

The costs of IT company registration and maintenance

The cost of this service package starts at 3,999 EUR. The price includes the following items:

  • Proposed company name check for availability;
  • Application documents check and their submission to the registration authorities;
  • Legal company address in the USA (for official correspondence) for one year;
  • Registration agent services for one year;
  • The company registration fee;
  • Registration Certificate, Share Certificates, Minutes of the Shareholders’ Meeting, and the Company Charter; 
  • Legalization of documents;
  • Company registration with the tax authorities and EIN acquisition;
  • Resolution on establishing a bank account;
  • A real office in a business center that is required to open and maintain the bank account.

The costs of the document package postage – US$ 200 – and that of the bankcard delivery – US$ 160 – have to be covered separately.

The annual company maintenance costs US$ 2,000 in the USA. This price includes the registration agent services, the company legal address, and accounting services.

We also offer additional virtual office services:

Virtual office  
A telephone number to receive voice messages (an international call deposit of US$ 300 is required) / per year 960 EUR
A telephone number to redirect calls to the client’s number / per year 1,560 EUR
A telephone secretary (US$ 800 as the service initiation fee plus US$ 200 for the service provision per month) / from 1,000 EUR
Finding a real office whose rent price will depend on its size and location 2,000 EUR
A virtual office in a business center (for partners and for banks that are not overly demanding) / per year 800 EUR
Individual address in a business center / per year Individual price

Please consider applying for more services that you may require after your IT company is registered in the USA:

Balance sheet preparation (if there have been no business activities within the United States) 800 EUR
Balance sheet preparation (in case there have been US transactions) 1,000 EUR
Registration agent services (judicial, tax, registration, and other US authorities will interact with the agent should the need arise) 600 EUR
Courier services, USA 200 EUR
Company name check for availability (if you want to change the initial company name, for example) and company name reservation 200 EUR

 The procedure of registering an IT company in the USA and opening a corporate account with a local bank

  1. As soon as you decide that you would like to establish a company in the USA for your IT business without leaving the comfort of your home, please contact us via e-mail [email protected].
  2. Answer the questions that our consultant will ask you.
  3. Cover the cost of the service – from 3,999 EUR.
  4. Send us the full package of application documents for company registration and account opening.
  5. After we receive the documents and the payment, we will start the procedure.
  6. When the registration procedure is over, we will send you your new company corporate documents immediately.

Please use this opportunity to kill two bugs with one stone and open a company and a bank account in the USA! Send us a message to [email protected] and we will promptly reply to you.