USA needs little introduction as its news is beamed daily all over the world. It is the world’s largest economy and has been for well over a century, although China is catching up. The US economy is characterized by high average incomes, a large population, capital investment, low unemployment, high consumer spending, a relatively young population, and technological innovation.

Although it is known for being a litigious society, USA is still a good place to start a business and offers many advantages.

It is the only country in the world that taxes its citizens on their worldwide income, even if they do not live there – so from this point of view its tax burden is very considerable.

As an offshore centre, the United States collectively is one of the largest in the world. Many foreign-owned businesses own LLCs in the USA that are tax transparent, meaning that if there is no USA income nor US partners, they are not required to pay tax in the USA.

The USA has come under criticism for offering privacy, with the states of Delaware and Wyoming being the ones where least information is required. It has also been possible to set up companies in the  USA without any anti-money-laundering or identity checks. However, recent legislation introduced at the end of 2020 now requires beneficial ownership registration.

In terms of banking, the US banking sector has opened up a lot in recent years and it is now possible to open virtual USA bank accounts online. 

Offshore Pro Group in UAE offers:

  • Opening of USA Private Non-Resident Bank Accounts 
  • American bank account opening for non-resident corporations
  • Virtual bank accounts in major US banks
  • USA check cashing for international clients
  • Formation of LLCs in Delaware
  • Formation of LLCs in Wyoming
  • Formation of USA LLCs in other states like Nevada, Florida, New York etc
  • Legalisation and Apostille of Documents, Translations etc
  • USA virtual office and substance services
  • Consulting and advice on business in America

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Apr 7, 2020

An LLC in the USA with a bank account for your IT business – remote registration from 3,999 EUR

We will be happy to assist you in opening a company with a bank account in the United States of America without leaving home. The offer should look especially attractive in the times when the freedom of movement is limited severely.
An IT company in the USA […]

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