Paraguay is not an offshore centre in the traditional sense of the word – but the offshore world is changing! Paraguay is a low-profile, non-blacklisted country with a famously open economy, almost no taxes, and great investment potential. It’s a country where you can establish an office and obtain residence, possibly even citizenship. Paraguay is also, by the way, the world’s largest exporter of clean, green energy.

Paraguay has long been an attractive destination for Perpetual Travellers based in the Americas. It is still easy to obtain residence in Paraguay (much easier than in nearby Uruguay) and there is no need to renew it every year – you are granted permanent residence from the beginning. The main requirement for residence is depositing just $5,000 in a local bank. You will also receive a tax ID number.

Setting up a Paraguayan corporation is a way of obtaining access to the local banks and exchange houses. Paraguayan corporations can also apply for listing on the Paraguay stock exchange, which is one of the easiest places in the world to obtain a public listing. This option may be of interest to clients who are looking at controlling a public company.

Offshore Pro Group offers:

  • Residence in Paraguay
  • Company Formation in Paraguay
  • E-Wallet Accounts in Panama
  • Panama Bank Account
  • Panama Credit Card Merchant Account
  • Panama Travel and Banking Passport
  • Incorporation of Tax-Free Panama Corporation
  • Incorporation of Panama Private Interest Foundation

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Nov 26, 2018

Paraguay – a Totally New Form of Freedom in Business and Asset Protection

Paraguay has recently become a South American paradise where income you make outside of its borders will not be subject to a tax. Remote incorporation of the company in Paraguay is also possible – with no requirements regarding minimum authorised capital.

Why is it a great idea to […]

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