Aug 17, 2020

Open corporate account in Belize

Private offshore banking in Belize, Central America offers you a significant number of concrete advantages that you simply cannot get from investing within any American, Canadian or European based bank. 

You would get privacy, stability, trust and ease with opening a corporate account in Belize. 

When it comes to privacy, Belize has a stable growing economy with a zero-tax jurisdiction, and strong bank secrecy laws, which benefits this banks client through increased privacy and confidentiality. There are no exchange controls in Belize, which means that you would be able to take out or deposit money at any time, and your banking information will always belong to you. 

Your investments will always be secure and safe because Belize is politically stable with a local currency that is legged to the US dollar at a fixed rate of 2:1, which means that bank clients can have confidence that their money is safe and currency devolution will not occur. This banks management team consists of international experts with extensive financial experience across many industries and sectors whose primary goal is to manage, preserve and enhance the wealth of all clients. 

Who can benefit from opening a Corporate Account in Belize?

Generally, all legal activities and that are not regulated, meaning, that is you wish to carry out a financial activity you will need a license. If you do not have a license for your business, the bank will not approve the opening of the account. The bank always revises case to case for acceptance. They do not accept online gambling, and financial activities such as Forex require a license. Corporate account opening is possible for Information Technology, E- Commerce, Technological Innovations etc. 

Needed documents in order to open a corporate account:

  1. Notarized color copy of a picture and signature pages of a valid passport
  2. A bank reference or a professional reference letter (Please make sure to include the contact information of the referral so that the letter can be verified by the bank)
  3. A copy of a utility bill dated within the last three months, illustrating that your address is located outside of Belize

For an IBC, LLC, Tryst or Foundation applying required documents:

  1. Original notarized copy of the complete set of registered company documents for each named copy on the application, and corporate list of shareholders and directors
  2. Certificate of good standing for the entity applying, if more than one year old
  3. Certificate of good standing for any company named as a shareholder or director of the beneficial company, if more than one year old

**There are a number a documents that will be required to complete your application process, but fortunately we are here to help you through that.  If you wish to open an account, you can do it from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world. It is a simple process and bankers are easily accessible and available to help you with any kind of financial questions you may have.

Type of accounts, rates and fees

It is possible to open a corporate account if you are not a resident of Belize with a small minimum deposit. Bellow you will find information about the fees, rates and types of accounts that exist. 

Demand Deposits – Unlimited flexibility with transfers to form your bank account while offering competitive interest rates. 

Whether you want instant transfers, access to your money or to choose the term of your term deposit, we’ve got an account that suits you. When selecting a demand deposit account there is only a nominal opening balance needed of$1,000. There’re five different currencies that the bank offers with the Demand Deposit Account: USD, CAD, EUR, GBP and CHF. 


$9,999 and below – 0.00%APR 

$10,000 and over – 0.10%APR

All deposit accounts in US dollars 


Application fee – $100

FATCA fee – $250

Monthly service fee – $14.50

Savings Account – Be rewarded and reach your savings goal with a great interest rate when you regularly save each month with a nominal opening balance of $1,000. 

Possible access to any of the banks international account online through a secure 24/7 online platform. 

Possibility to earn a bonus interest when you deposit at least $10,000 every quarter and make no withdrawals within this period. 


Less than $25,000 – 0.10%APR

$25,000 to $99,000 – 0.25%APR 

OVER $100,000 – 0.50%APR 

Fees in USD:

Application fee – $100

FATCA fee – $250

Monthly service fee – $14.50

** there are no fees for using the online banking platform, but charges are applicable for new accounts which have a withdrawal request within 30 days of the initial deposit. 

Term Deposits – Enjoy a fixed rate of return for your nominee to turn, so you know exactly what your investment’s worth. You would be able to lock-in the interest rate on your account anywhere between one month and five years. The interest rates vary depending on the term, amount and interest payment frequency you choose which means you’ll always know what your investments worth and complain how to use the interest earned. 

Term – Interest rate:

1 year – 2.25%

2 year – 2.50%

3 year – 2.75%

4 year – 3.00%

5 year – 3.50% 

How can you apply?

Opening an international bank account for a corporation is straightforward and the goal is to make the process as easy as possible. The bank offers a full range of traditional and nontraditional banking services as well as accounts and multiple currencies. An application for account opening is a straightforward process and can be facilitated online from anywhere in the world – completely remotely. 

Offshore Pro Group has been in the financial consultancy business for years and we will gladly help you find the best financial solutions if you decide to seek our advice. Please write to us to [email protected] or use WhatsApp or our live chat to get in touch with us. Whatever communication means you choose, we will be able to suggest the solution that will fit your personal outlooks and your individual investment preferences best!