Belize is an English-speaking British Commonwealth country located in Central America, easily reachable by road from the famous Mexican resorts of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. The capital is Belmopan, a modern planned city, whereas Belize City is the economic capital. Belize is particularly famous for tourism and is especially known to scuba divers.

Belize’s offshore center is historically best known for its International Business Corporations, which were based on the old BVI “offshore company” model. In 2019 Belize’s legislation was modernized to require local substance and to remove the distinction between “offshore” and “onshore” type companies. Belize has therefore been proactive in keeping itself off the numerous international blacklists.

Belize also offers a wide range of financial licenses.

Residence in Belize, under the Qualified Retired Persons program, is ideal for those seeking a quiet life close to nature, living completely tax free in an English-speaking country.

There is currently one recommended bank in Belize focusing on the international market with which Offshore Pro Group works closely.

Offshore Pro Group offers:

  • Belize Offshore Companies
  • Belize International Financial Licenses
  • Belize international bank accounts

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Aug 17, 2020

Open corporate account in Belize

Having a bank account with a reputable bank in Belize will allow on-resident companies to grow their possibilities for international bank transfers, while at the same time offering possibilities to use different banking services. This bank is well known for its great service and unique banking products.

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