Gibraltar is above all well-regulated international financial centre that is fully integrated into the European economy. A small strategic outpost of the United Kingdom, Gibraltar has a long history of offering tax incentives for offshore company registration.

It still offers tax-free Gibraltar company formation today, and Gibraltar is the only place you can set up a tax free company and still be considered a European company for purposes of banking and merchant accounts.

Many banks have pulled out of Gibraltar in recent years, but the progressive and business-minded government tackled de-risking head on by setting up a bank to serve the local and international markets. Gibraltar International Bank (GIB) is willing to open Gibraltar bank accounts for local and international companies and is prepared to businesses involved in sectors such crypto currency exchange and gambling businesses that are willing to submit to local regulation.

Gibraltar also offers attractive incentives to High Net Worth individuals who are prepared to make a home in this gateway to the Mediterranean – at the heart of the European yachting scene and within easy driving distance of Europe’s best golf, beaches and nightlife.

Offshore Pro Group offers:

  • Gibraltar International Companies
  • Gibraltar International Bank Accounts
  • Gibraltar Crypto Currency Businesses

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Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory and OECD has not considered Gibraltar companies as offshore entities since 2011, when a 10% tax was imposed on corporations operating in Gibraltar.
All companies, however owned, are taxed on profits accrued in or derived from Gibraltar, thereby preserving the territorial basis […]

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