This tiny and picturesque Principality is sandwiched between two countries with a great history of protecting and preserving offshore wealth: Switzerland and Austria. It is easily reachable by road from Zurich, or indeed most of Europe, and the drive through mountains and past lakes is beautiful.

It is hardly surprising then, that Liechtenstein today remains a great place to open a private bank account and manage funds belonging to your Family Office. The Liechtestein Anstalt or Private Foundation, created by law in 1926 and modernized in 2009, is the reference for civil law Family Estate Planning. Other alternative vehicles such as Trusts and Charitable Foundations are also available.

Perhaps more surprisingly, though, Liechtenstein is one of the few places left in Europe where you can open a real international commercial bank account for an international or offshore company with as little as EUR 5,000 opening deposit. Liechtenstein is fully integrated in the Swiss and European banking networks including SEPA, and has suffered little from de-risking because of its access to core Swiss clearing facilities for major currencies such as dollars and euro.

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