Mar 18, 2020

Reasons why you should visit the ‘spice island’ and purchase citizenship of Grenada

Are you collecting foreign passports? The Grenadian ‘golden passport’ must become your next trophy without doubt. It gives visa free access to Europe, the UK, and China and it entitles the holder for an USA E-2 visa. Apart from that, it gives its owner the privilege to spend as much time as he/ she wishes in the tropical Caribbean paradise. Below please find the main reasons why you should obtain citizenship of Grenada as soon as possible.

If you have already decided that you do want a second passport of Grenada, please apply for a rapid and exhaustive consultation on the matter of acquiring one by writing to [email protected].

If you have been following the articles that are published at this portal, you already know that the Caribbean basin is where you should look for a second citizenship in exchange for investment. There are five countries in this region that issue passports to foreigners for money. Grenada compares favorably to its neighbors in that its passport gives access both to China and to the US E-2 visa simultaneously. (An E-2 visa gives its holder the right to live and work in the States as long as he or she desires as it can be easily extended when its validity terms expires.)

As is also the case with all other Caribbean states that run citizenship-by-investment programs, you do not have to visit Grenada before nor after obtaining its citizenship. Moreover, you do not even have to leave home to become a citizen of Grenada thus avoiding the need to encounter the deadly virus that is spreading around the globe. With our assistance, the application for citizenship can be filed remotely and the passports will be delivered to the address that you specify.

At the same time, there are several good reasons to visit Grenada. When you see the island once, you will want to come back often or simply stay there until the end of your life.

Located away from the hurricane belt, Grenada in the West Indies is known for its lush tropical forests, sky-blue sea waves, snow-white sandy beaches with palm trees around them, and spacious bays.

The island is also famous for the numerous spices that grow there including the nutmeg. For this reason, Grenada is sometimes referred to as the ‘spice island’.

You can catch a flight to Grenada from Great Britain or the United States. Boarding a cruise ship, though, would make a much more enjoyable journey. So, if you are going on a cruise around the Caribbean and planning to make a stop at Grenada, we suggest that you pay especial attention to the following main attractions of this marvelous little island.

Reasons why you should acquire citizenship of Grenada: The beauty of the island is simply astonishing

The seaport of Saint George’s has been declared one of the most beautiful havens in the world. And the whole island is considered one of the most picturesque spots on the planet.

You are going to fall in love with the white-sand beaches, the flourishing tropical forests, the breathtaking mountain ranges that you can explore driving a buggy when you come to Grenada.

Reasons why you should acquire citizenship of Grenada: Everything is within a walking distance on the island

Thanks to the modest size of the island, you can cover the distance between the most famous Grand Anse Beach and an amazing waterfall in the middle of the forest within only twenty to twenty five minutes if you walk on foot.

Approximately the same time is required to walk from the beach to the underwater sculpture park that was the first such park to be built in the world. The sunk sculptures wed with the underwater landscape very well and provide the basis for the development of coral riffs around them.

Reasons why you should acquire citizenship of Grenada: The island is rich in spices

Discover new fantastic food products that you can find at the local market squares. As we have noted above, many various spices grow on the island. These include turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, saffron, coriander, cardamom, bay leaf, ginger and, of course, nutmeg.

There is a Nutmeg Processing Station in the fishermen’s village of Gouyave. This is one of the largest spice processing facilities on the island. It has contributed greatly to turning Grenada into the second largest nutmeg exporter in the world.

All visitors to Grenada are invited to take part in a hiking tour that is called Savor the Spice. Walking around the island, you will be able to feel the fragrant of various local spices.  

Reasons why you should acquire citizenship of Grenada: The local cuisine is incredible

Naturally, the spices grown on the island are added to the dishes cooked by the local chefs. This makes them taste wonderful. Visit one of the restaurants in Grenada and try various exotic dishes.

For example, you can go to Crabback BB where you will find a great view of the haven in addition to the nice food. You can order a crab salad, a goat stew, or fried bananas.

If you love spending the whole day on the beach, we recommend that you visit The Beach Club at Calabash. You will find everything on the menu there from tapas to lobsters with poppies and cheese. Rhodes restaurant, in its turn, offers a more formal atmosphere. There you can try nutmeg ice cream chasing it with the locally made rum.

Reasons why you should acquire citizenship of Grenada: There are many rum distilleries on the island

The Caribbean rum is famous all around the world and Grenadian-made rum is regarded as the best rum by some people. Every rum distillery on the island has its own charm. One of the most outstanding rum producers is the company called River Antoine Rum. Their production facilities are located close to Tivoli village.

River Antoine Rum takes its name after the river that flows nearby. This distillery has a very long history: it was founded in 1785. It is the oldest rum distillery in the Caribbean basin.

Reasons why you should acquire citizenship of Grenada: You can go diving at the largest shipwreck site in the Caribbean

After you have spent several days above the sea surface on the cruise ship, you will probably want to go beyond the surface of the sea and look for some treasures lying underwater near the island of Grenada. This is a site of several shipwrecks. In particular, Bianca C lies there that is one of the largest ships that have ever ploughed the Caribbean water. This ship sank twice: once near France and the last time near Grenada.

You will also find wonderful snorkeling and diving opportunities in the areas that are rich in beautiful coral riffs and abundant in various flora and fauna.

Reasons why you should acquire citizenship of Grenada: There are chocolate factories on the island

If you like the movie ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, you will certainly love it in Grenada. Notwithstanding the small size of the island, several chocolate factories can be found there. Local spices are added to the chocolate made in Grenada (nutmeg in particular) and they make the taste of the chocolate bars unforgettable.

When you visit Grenada Chocolate Factory, you can join a ‘bean to bar’ excursion that will let you follow the complete process of chocolate manufacturing. After the excursion, you can buy a bar or two to take home and give to your friends and relations.

Every May, there is a festival in Grenada where the local people celebrate the long-standing traditions and the culture of chocolate production.

Reasons why you should acquire citizenship of Grenada: There are over a dozen waterfalls in the country

When it comes to seeing the waterfalls, you will be spoiled by the great choice of those. Annandale Waterfall, for example, has a small pool under it and a picturesque grotto nearby surrounded by lavish vegetation. It is within only a few-minute walk from the ring road that loops the island. You had better use a car if you want to reach another beautiful waterfall called Concord.  

Grand Etang National Park is located at the center of the island. In the orifice of a dead volcano, there is Grand Etang Lake that you must see and then go down the path through the thick tropical forest or otherwise visit Seven Sisters Waterfall found not too far away.

Reasons why you should acquire citizenship of Grenada: The capital city of St George’s has a rich history

St George’s that is the capital of Grenada attracts tourists and immigrants by its colorful buildings and colonial architecture. The city was founded by French colonists in 1650.

Right in the center of St George’s, you can find the market square where coconut water and a large variety of spices are sold. You can take some of them home if you want to impress the guests of your house one evening.  

To the west of the haven, you can find Fort George’s that was built by the French in 1705. The best part of the Fort is undamaged and it serves as a museum.

Reasons why you should acquire citizenship of Grenada: The weather on the island is warm all the year round

Grenada is located in the southeast of the Caribbean basin and it boasts a warm climate with comfortable temperatures all throughout the year. Anyway, the best season to visit Grenada is between January and May when it is dry there. Rain falls quite often between July and December. These are light showers most of the time even though heavy tropical rainfalls do happen on the island. Well, such heavy rainfalls are typical of the tropical climate.

Reasons why you should acquire citizenship of Grenada: Some concluding remarks

The list of reasons to visit Grenada given above is far from exhaustive. Quite a large number of well-to-do people from around the globe come to Grenada to see the tourist attractions and immerse into the local culture. But many also want something else from Grenada, something that is much more valuable: they want its citizenship and a second passport.

After the immigration program was restructured and relaunched in 2013, Grenada citizenship-by-investment has been steadily growing in popularity. It especially attracts those foreigners who have large families and want to obtain second passports for all family members.

The Grenadian passport holder is entitled to visit around 150 countries without a visa or obtaining a visa on arrival. These countries include most European states, all Central American states, some African states, many island states in the Pacific, and China.

In addition to that, a Grenadian citizenship has the right to invest into business in the USA or find an employment there and obtain an E-2 visa that can be infinitely extended. The E-2 visa holder’s dependents such as spouse and children are also entitled to reside in the US. Thus, the Grenadian passport gives easy access to the United States of America, which you should make a special note of.

You can learn more about this fantastic opportunity if you apply for a free consultation with our specialists. Please send your request to [email protected]. If you have some questions about Grenada that you would like to ask, please use the same address without any hesitation.

How should I travel around Grenada when I am on the island?

Travelling around Grenada in a car would not be a very good idea. Too many beautiful places will remain outside your reach. You can hire a buggy or better still walk on foot. Grenada is only a small island and it does not take too much time to get from one end to the other. When you walk around the place, you can appreciate all the beauties of its astonishing nature especially if you join an excursion or hire a personal guide.

What about the Grenadian national cuisine? Is it worth trying?

Without any doubt, you must try the dishes that local chefs cook in Grenada. There are multiple spices that are made from the plants that grow on the island, the nutmeg being probably the most famous one. Local cooks love adding these spices to whatever they make and food tastes different in Grenada, not the way it usually tastes in Europe or America. So if you want to try something new, do take quite a few bites of the local food when you are in Grenada.

I have heard that the Grenadian rum is the best in the world. Is it true?

We cannot say if this claim is objectively true. However, Grenadians themselves do believe that the rum that is made on the island is the best you can find. Whether it is so or not, you had better NOT disagree with them on this issue when you find yourself in Grenada!