Mar 4, 2020

Relocating to Armenia for permanent residence – rent a comfortable villa in the elite village of Vahakni – from 2,940 USD per month

Relocation to Armenia for permanent residence is recommended for those foreigners who are accustomed to the four seasons of the year: when cold, snowy winters are followed by hot summers. Located in the South Caucasus, this country is an exceptional place for permanent residence due to its incredibly beautiful nature, hospitable people and almost no language barriers, as many young and middle-aged people have full command of English, Russian, and many other European languages. Having accustomed to Armenian traditions, culture and cuisine, many foreigners prefer to stay longer or forever in this amazing and fairly well-developed country. 

Аренда жилья в элитной ереванской общине

If you need legal assistance in applying for an entry visa or a residence permit, special residence status (for 10 years) or Armenian citizenship, our highly skilled professionals will be happy to help you. We will also walk you through the process of rent or purchase residential property for all your family. 

Today we will discuss the option of moving to Armenia for permanent residence with the rental of an elite villa for 2,940 USD per month in the Vahakni residential community- a cozy corner of Yerevan with its own lifestyle and comfortable living conditions. 

Relocation to Armenia for permanent residence – what is Vahakni village famous for?

Vahakni private residential community brings in a completely new approach to culture and philosophy of the standard of living in the modern Armenian society. The village was built by a well-known development company owned by entrepreneur and philanthropist Vahakn Hovnanian. Initially, it was a disorganized land plot of 163 hectares, which gradually grew into an elite village with cottages and apartments (the construction of 700 objects is planned).

Property here is characterized by:

  • unique architectural solutions;
  • availability of necessary infrastructure;
  • Yerevan QSI international school;
  • “Rainbow” kindergarten and preschool institution;
  • developed sports infrastructure for outdoor activities;
  • restaurants and pools, tennis courts, football fields, etc.

Foreigners who are planning to move to Armenia for permanent residence, should definitely familiarize themselves with the amazing place – Vahakni residential complex where there are no barriers whatsoever in communication between residents, in the absence of clumsy high fences. This is an elite village in the Western European style.

Vahakni  Residential community is  divided into 8 separate areas where you can see townhouses and villas in different styles, “Shant” artificial pond, “Ararat Valley” country club which has a swimming pool, large and small golf course, a restaurant, a football field, and also a tennis court.

Vahakni is the visitor card of high net worth individuals temporarily or permanently residing in Armenia. Located in the heart of Yerevan, the residential complex quickly gained popularity due to a completely new standard of living. In addition to beautiful residential buildings and cottages, the community offers an exceptionally favorable environment, a good leisure far from city bustle, a safe and healthy lifestyle. The total number of inhabitants of Vahakni is 650 people.

Relocation to Armenia for permanent residence: prospects for the elite quarter of Yerevan 

Vahakni Residential Community is an extensive project with clear prospects for the development and expansion of its own territory. The village was recognized by the Ministry of Urban Development of the Republic of Armenia as the best project of 2009. In the near future, commercial areas, a cinema will be built here, it is also planned to open a bank branch, beauty salons, spa centers and fitness centers.

Additional plans for the development of the village:

  • the creation of an urban-type settlement, comprised of 2,300 apartments in the south-eastern part of the quarter; 
  • creation of a unique city park “Armenia – Paradise” with an area of 7 hectares;
  • implementation of the project for the development of the village with the arrangement of buildings in the form of a pouring waterfall;
  • placement of miniature prototypes of historical sights of Armenia and Artsakh in the future park.

Moving to Armenia for permanent residence in the village of Vahakni is an opportunity for a foreigner to share the exclusive lifestyle of its inhabitants, as well as to become an owner or a tenant of a luxury apartment suitable for a large family. 

In this residential complex, foreigners can:

  • buy a mansion;
  • become the owner of an apartment in four-story stone houses;
  • purchase a land plot for development (relevant for non-residents of Armenia with a special residence status).

Undoubtedly, Vahakni is a paradise, with ample opportunities of accommodation at the highest level.

Moving to Armenia for permanent residence – rent a luxury villa for 2 940 USD per month 

If you are not yet planning to purchase real estate in Armenia, we recommend that you consider renting a luxury cottage in Vahakni (1 Vorotan St.). Rental price starts from 2 940 USD per month.

Moving to Armenia for permanent residence in a rented elite villa (model Van) will be interesting to those foreigners who are looking for a maximum comfort and a safe escape from the big city noise. The three-story property is characterized by modern architecture, with the exterior facade finishing in bright colors.  

The house is fully furnished, ready to move in. On the ground floor there is a spacious entrance hall for receiving guests and having intimate conversations, two bedrooms, 2 isolated bathrooms (one with a bath and shower), a spacious dressing room, a fully equipped kitchen with a bar stand and separate dining area (dining room).

With access to a spacious terrace, you can enjoy the local scenery, roast a barbecue and spend a wonderful leisure time with friends. This is a compact and convenient type of housing for one family. 

Moving to Armenia for permanent residence with renting a villa for 2,940 USD is an opportunity to get acquainted with unique Armenian traditions, as well as become part of a completely new approach to lifestyle.

On the second floor of luxury apartments you will find:

  • 2 bedrooms (parent room and adjoining children’s room);
  • an isolated bathroom;
  • 1 bedroom with dressing room;
  • spacious study with pantry.

From the first floor there is an exit to the garage for two cars. The yard is fully finished with a stone structure and a garden.

The general parameters of the property are as follows:

  • basement area – 99 sq.m.;
  • Bathrooms – 3;
  • first floor – 126 sq.m.;
  • second floor – 64 sq.m.;
  • garage  – 36 sq.m.;
  • total area – 1047 sq.m.

This item of elite real estate is offered for long-time rent, is ready to move in with one family, including with young children. The interior of the rooms on the ground floor is made in a modern style (high-tech), in bright colors. On the second floor, in the decor and finishing you will observe elements of classics combined with fashionable minimalism. The cost of this property for rent starts from 2 940 USD per month. 

Relocation to Armenia for permanent residence – why Vahakni?

The exclusive village located in Yerevan is not just a quiet place with comfortable premium-class housing. This is a settlement offering an exceptional standard of living, allowing you to take a new perspective of inhabitance, but also have an insight into Armenia as a whole.

By choosing Armenia as your destination for permanent residence with a settlement in one of the Vahakni cottages, you will have unlimited access to all the events, activities and educational institutions of Yerevan. As for the children, they will have access to best educational institutions, particularly, one of the prominent international QSI schools.

QSI is a non-profit private institution with a complex training program for children aged from 3 to 17-18 years (12 classes). The training is conducted in English and advanced English, which allows English-speaking students not to experience inconvenience when moving to Armenia. 

The school has been operating since 1995, during its operation it has introduced new education systems, in particular, Advanced Placement courses for AP Capstone diplomas. The key features of learning in this school are highlighted below:

  • an individual approach to the education of children;
  • streamlined path for students to achieve specific goals;
  • a favorable and comfortable learning environment;
  • highly qualified certified teachers from North America;
  • the academic program designed for preparation for admission to the universities of Armenia and famous international universities (Cambridge, Amsterdam, Washington);
  • single school community.

QSI International School offers its proprietary educational system with daytime education for children of any nationalities. This international educational institution is part of Quality Schools International, has passed individual accreditation, and also accepts children who have no educational experience in English.  

If your relocation to Armenia for permanent residence also involves relocation of your kids and their placement in educational institutions, you will appreciate the opportunities offered by Vahakni residential quarter in Yerevan where exceptional comfort is guaranteed for the whole family.

Moving to Armenia for permanent residence – other advantages of elite cottage village]

With an objective to become the first “closed community” in the South Caucasus, Vahakni is designed to combine the benefits of Armenian locality with all the amenities characteristic for a western lifestyle. Located only three kilometers away from the capital of Armenia, it offers its residents high-quality accommodation combined with Western-style amenities. 

 “Vahakni is a lifestyle in itself, that distinguishes it from others. We are building more than just housing, we are building a lifestyle”, said Garegin Odabashyan, Managing Director of the project. And it is accessible to privileged classes, wealthy and successful people. Even now in Armenia there is an opinion that this place is “for the fabulously rich.” Many of the locals are expatriates who decided to move to Armenia as their historical homeland, for permanent residence.

Most future residents are businesspeople who place high demands on community security. All entrances to Vahakni are guarded 24 hours a day. To date, 20 houses in Vahakni have been booked for Armenians from France, Canada, Russia, Switzerland and the UK. 

Potential buyers can freely choose from a variety of layout options or even independently design their future home with the help of an architect. All houses are equipped with: 

  • security systems;
  • central heating systems;
  • fire alarm;
  • garages and basements.

Our readers have an exclusive chance to become part of the Vahakni elite residential community where luxury, prosperity and exceptional comfort reign. This is a potentially new perspective for life, available in the well-known elite areas of Europe and the USA.

Moving to Armenia for permanent residence – how to quickly process the rental of this three-story villa in Vorotan 1?

We offer this comfortable housing, in the village of Vahakni on the Vorotan, 1.  fully ready to accommodate one family. The cost of a monthly rental starts from 2 940 USD. Our lawyers will help your through your relocation process and make sure you experience no drawbacks and are relieved from paperwork, and take your time to make yourself at home in this beautiful South Caucasian country.

Moving to Armenia for permanent residence is quite simple due to very few bureaucratic procedures. Moreover, adaptation to local conditions and mentality is easy due to lack of a language barrier, the hospitality and absolute friendliness of the local population.  

If you are a resident of a country whose citizens need a visa to enter Armenia, we will be happy to help with its formation. To draw up a lease for the aforementioned three-story villa in the elite village of Vahakni , contact our lawyers by email at [email protected].

Additionally, you can count on our help if you wish to:

  • apply for RA citizenship;
  • receive a special residence status for 10 years;
  • open a personal / corporate bank account;
  • register a company in Armenia;
  • arrange a residence permit;
  • transfer existing business to Armenian jurisdiction.

We will also be happy hear your recommendations and wishes in terms of new articles or topics of your interest which you would like to see on our portal.