Jan 21, 2020

Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship and second passport: 20 000 USD for individual, and 25 000 USD for family package

How can you qualify for citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis? What are the pros and cons? What are the key benefits of Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship? If you already know the answers to these questions and have made up your mind to obtain a second passport and citizenship for investment in the Caribbean, it’s time to act! Please fill out the questionnaire below, which will be a great time-saver for you in this process.

Why Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship?

If you seek guarantee of a stable future and security, then a fully legitimate second passport from a country with high level of welfare, favorable business and tax climate is your right choice. Hundreds of Russians, Chinese and other foreigners who have already obtained the second citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis by investments have already had a chance to realize this on their own experience.  

For more than thirty years while the local investment citizenship program exists, tens of thousands of people have already used this opportunity. After the crisis of 2007 local sellers of citizenship marked especially high growth numbers: applications by investors grew from 2 to 3-fold  year-on-year. As per the official reports, in September 2018, the Caribbean had issued over 16.5 thousand passports to foreign investors since the program inception.

And, apparently, this is far from being the limit. The distressed situation in the post-Soviet area is likely to lead to an increased number of people willing to acquire a passport of this jurisdiction, in particular, from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia.

How much does it cost to obtain citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis?

Below we have put together key recommendations for those wishing to receive a second passport of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis by investment. Here we highlight the key points and important practical aspects of this procedure. So, to obtain citizenship and a second passport of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, you need to choose one of the following investment options:

  • Contribution to the Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF) starting from the amount of 150 thousand US dollars. In this case, the costs will be minimal, but the contribution is not refundable after obtaining citizenship;
  • Investment in real estate in Saint Kitts and Nevis starting from 400 thousand US dollars. This option will cost more, but real estate can be sold 5 years after obtaining citizenship; 
  • Real estate investment from 200 thousand US dollars. This is a more affordable option for a refundable investment option, but its drawback over the previous option is that real estate can be sold no earlier than 7 years after obtaining citizenship. 

Regardless of the investment option selected, a foreigner will not be able to apply directly to the local government. According to the requirements of relevant legislation, you will have to use the services of an accredited agent who has a license to provide intermediary services for those wishing to obtain a second passport of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis for investment.

One of such agents is our partner company, which stands out against its competitors by attractive rates and the most extensive customer service experience, with full language support in Russian.

Now let us consider the financial terms of the accelerated citizenship program and passports of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. For clarity, all information is grouped in the following table:

  Type of investment option within the program
Investing in SGF Investing in Real Estate
Type of investment Non-refundable contribution Real estate can be sold 7 years after the acquisition
Minimum amount – investments of the principal applicant US $ 150,000 US $ 200,000 **
Minimum amount – applicant’s spouse US $ 25,000
Each additional family member US $ 10,000
Due diligence fee Investor US $ 7,500
Investor family members US $ 4,000 for each family member 16 years of age or older
Fee for application processing  Investor 250US $ US $ 35,297
Investor family members 250US $ US $ 20,297 for the spouse 
US $ 10,297 for other dependents, regardless of age
Cost of partner company services for obtaining citizenship and passport of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis:
Minimum amount – one applicant US $ 20,000
Minimum amount – applicant family US $ 25,000 **
Notes to the table:

*  Option to resell the asset after 5 years, but in this case, the minimum investment amount of the principal applicant should be no less than US $ 400,000

** Investment in real estate can only be made in a development project approved by the Government of the Federation (Government Approved Development Project)  

*** The amount covers a family of up to 5 people (the principal investor plus 4 family members / financial dependents). For each additional dependent an additional fee is charged.

In the collective application for citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis by investments or contributions it is possible to include parents and children of the principal investor or his/her spouse, who depend financially on the principal investor and are between the age of 55 and 30, respectively. Eligible children include children with disabilities, as well as children studying in higher educational institutions.

In addition, dependents, who were born after the persons included in such an application had received a second citizenship for investing in Saint Kitts and Nevis, can also be added to the collective application. Such dependents may be included in the collective application before the age of 16. Their candidatures should be considered by specialists of the Ministry of National Security. Information on relevant and other government fees is presented in the table below.

Name of service Cost of service
Adding a spouse after approval of the principal applicant US $ 35 000,00 
Adding a dependent after approval of the principal applicant US $ 10 000,00 
Adding a minor if born before the approval of the principal applicant US $ 10 000,00 
Due Diligence of the financial sponsor US $ 4 000,00 
Due Diligence for Changing Names and Surnames US $ 1 500,00 
Correction of registration certificate due to translation error US $ 500,00 
Re-issuance of a registration certificate that has been lost or stolen US $ 500,00 
Preparation of a certificate of registration for each person included in an individual or collective application US $ 50,00 
Processing a passport application for each dependent under the age of sixteen US $ 500,00 
Fee for application processing  US $ 250,00 
Fee for financial option change US $ 10 000 per application

It should be specifically noted that there is an option for accelerated (up to 60 working days) review of citizenship applications by investments or contributions ( AAP or Accelerated Application Process ). This may be used with additional charge as follows: US $ 25,000 (for principal applicant); $ 20,000 (for each dependent over 16 years old); $ 500 (for each dependent younger than 16 years old).  

How to buy citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis: avoiding pitfalls

  1. Please note that you will have to go through the fingerprinting process to verify the identity of the applicant and the latter’s dependents. This procedure will be carried out with the involvement of independent third-party contractors. The applicant will need to pay for it. Data gathered by means of this procedure will be sent to the Caribbean authorities for review and transfer to international law enforcement agencies for additional checks.
  2. To avoid delays and bottlenecks in filing a collective application, we strongly recommend that you first make sure that the list of financial dependents of the principal applicant does not include citizens of Iran, the Syrian Arab Republic and Afghanistan. Such persons are officially excluded from the list of foreigners who are allowed to participate in the program of economic citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis.  
  3. Send us an email at [email protected] with a description of your current standing, in particular, indicating the following:
  • Information about the current country of residence and current citizenship(s) (applies to both the principal investor and the persons included in the collective application, if you are planning to obtain citizenship for the family);
  • The number of people who apply for citizenship and passport, indicating their age and status (fully self-sustainable or dependents of the applicant);
  • Selected investment option (non-refundable contribution or acquisition of real estate);
  • Estimated timelines for obtaining citizenship, based on which we can draw up an action plan and select the optimal program.
  1. After consultations, start preparing a package of documents for subsequent transfer to an accredited agent. 
  2. After the application is developed, all necessary documents are submitted to the authorities, and investment requirements are deemed to be fulfilled, and all other formalities settled, you can track the application review process at all stages of processing using the CAMS  (or Citizen Application Management System) electronic document management system. 

If you would like to schedule a visit St. Kitts or Nevis Islands for on-site review of property, please contact your professional service provider. Representatives of the partner company will be happy to walk you through the approved property in the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Our partners, represented by the skilled professional team of the partner company, will be happy to assist you through the process of obtaining second citizenship and passport of Saint Kitts and Nevis by investments in real estate or by means of contribution to the state fund.

Keep in mind, however, that every case is individual and requires a thorough examination of your current standing (including such factors as country of residence, number of family members, planned date of obtaining a second citizenship, etc.) and therefore a custom-tailored approach is required for each individual case. We will be happy to help you fully benefit from all privileges and advantages which come with the second passport and the citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Feel your own success as a free citizen of the world and make the best use of all the opportunities which the new standard of living offers to you!

If you still have questions, write to us by e-mail: [email protected] and we will promptly reply  

Please fill in the questionnaire to get consultation regarding the options and price for participation in the legitimate citizenship programs by investments, WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES INVOLVED