Turkey is a transcontinental country, literally bridging Europe and Asia. Over centuries Turkey’s privileged geographic position has developed into a major trading nation, and a natural hub of road, maritime and air transport.

With more than 83 million residents, more than 15 million of whom live in the largest city and economic capital Istanbul, Turkey is a major world power. In fact it is the world’s 19th largest economy. This gives it significant geopolitical power and influence. The country is among the founding members of the OECD and the G20 and is an ally of western powers, but also exercises its sovereignty and independence to trade in the Middle Eastern region, sometimes controversially.

Tourism is a major sector of the economy, as are sectors such as the automotive business and shipyards. One of the most successful economic developments of recent years has been Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment program.

Under the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program, an investment of as little as USD 250,000 is required into real estate. Turkish real estate is generally offers up to double digit returns and bank financing can be available for leverage. Bank or government bond investment options are also available.

Turkish banks are also an interesting option and it is possible to open both corporate and personal bank accounts, whether for residents or non-residents. Turkish bank accounts can also be opened remotely with a simple, limited power of attorney. Turkish bank accounts may be opened in all major world currencies.

Offshore Pro Group in Turkey offers:

  • Opening of Turkish Bank Accounts
  • Turkish Citizenship by Investment
  • Investment Advice for Residence and Citizenship in Turkey

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Residence permit in Turkey (İkamet) – new rules in 2020

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