Feb 25, 2020

Economic citizenship of Saint Lucia – from 25,000 USD

Small countries that do not have many natural resources to export nor well-developed production industry need to sell something in the international market anyway. Thus, some of them ‘export’ a rather specific product: they sell their passports and their citizenships. Early in 2016, St Lucia in the […]

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Caribbean countries offer the least expensive passports

Where can you find the most affordable foreign passport to buy? Three countries in the Caribbean basin offer the least expensive citizenship. One more country in the region offers the fastest acquisition of its full citizenship and one more – the simplest one. Below please learn more about these […]

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Caribbean citizenship by investment in 2020

Where could you acquire a second passport and citizenship for investment in 2020? The Caribbean countries of Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, Dominica, Grenada, as well as Saint Kitts and Nevis would be the most affordable and the simplest options. A great number of millionaires and billionaires have […]

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