Apr 12, 2017

Corporate Account Remotely Opened With A Nevis Bank That Has Wealth Management Service And A Low Minimum Deposit And Multiple Currency Accounts.

You will be able to open an offshore corporate account in Nevis with the professional assistance of the experts in international banking at the Offshore Pro Group. Our experienced consultants will work with you to ensure that your account is opened. You should give this Nevis bank strong consideration because it has:

  • The island of Nevis is a classic offshore jurisdiction
  • You won’t have to visit Nevis as your corporate account will be remotely opened
  • You can use multiple currencies in your corporate account
  • There are trust management and investment management services offered
  • Your corporate account will be opened with a minimum deposit that is low
  • Access to your account 24/7 is achieved through secure and convenient Internet banking

Don’t try to go it alone when opening an international corporate account with this bank in Nevis as you are likely to fail. Instead invest in the professional services of the Offshore Pro Group so that you can be certain of account opening. Please send us an email [email protected] so that we can establish contact and begin to advise you in an expert manner in order for your corporate account to be established. It is vital that we have all of the relevant information about you and your business so please respond in full to our totally confidential questionnaire which is on this page Make The Right Choice Of International Corporate Account By Following This Expert Advice.

Why The Offshore Banking Jurisdiction Of Nevis Is A Good Choice For Your Corporate Account

Located in the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean Sea, Nevis is an island which forms a complete country with its sister island Saint Kitts. There are over 11,000 residents in Nevis and they use English as their official language. It is a parliamentary democracy as well as being a federal constitutional monarchy. The East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) is the nation’s official currency and this is pegged to the United States Dollar (USD).

The economy of the island is stable and experiencing some growth and the latest GDP per capita figures are around $10,315. It actually has a higher GDP than that of the larger Saint Kitts Island and it has been assessed at approximately ten percent higher. International banking is growing rapidly on Nevis and their most important economic sector is tourism. The island is politically and socially stable as well.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Federal Action Task Force decided that Nevis would be on their blacklist in the year 2000. The blacklist was for countries that were not cooperative in tackling tax evasion and money laundering issues. The government of Saint Kitts and Nevis took very swift action and in 2002 Nevis was taken off of the blacklist.

Agencies in 2014 agreed that the legal framework of the country was sound and that the financial regulations in place enforced the framework well. This means that the country would be willing to share the required financial information for transparency in line with the Global Forum of Transparency and Exchange for Information provisions. The international perception of Nevis is “largely compliant” with the standards for international banking. Agreements to exchange tax information are in place with several world countries.

Nevis has an international reputation as a classic offshore jurisdiction as well as a tax haven. There are no taxes applied to revenue that is earned outside of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Personal income tax does not exist and there are no taxes on inheritance, capital gains taxes, net worth taxes, gift tax or duties on estates.

The island of Nevis has a growing and stable economy as well as social and political stability. The offshore banking regulations are strict on the island and all banks have to comply with financial transparency requirements. This is not a jurisdiction for concealing assets. It is a smart choice for the safeguarding, diversification and enhancement of your assets.

This Nevis Bank And Why You Should Open Your International Corporate Account There

This Nevis offshore bank was opened in 1998. This is the only bank in Nevis that does not have ties with international companies. The East Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) mandates that this bank has to provide audited financial statements, and it is in full compliance with the requirements of the regulator which is the Nevis International Banking Ordinance (NIBO).

The bank has a number of core values and the first of these is fairness. They are totally loyal to their customers and provide total respect to them when building important client relationships. Uncompromising quality in the delivery of its services is another core value. The bank believes in innovation as well as the development of a good community spirit and making sure that they enjoy what they do.

The mission of this bank is to provide wealth management services to their clients which are second to none. Ethical services are always provided which are high quality and relationships with clients developed that will last a lifetime. Innovative product offerings are part of the mission as are employing people that know what they are talking about and respond to the needs of their clients. Another key element of the mission is the use of state of the art technology that is client driven.

The bank has a policy to only employ the highest calibre people. The senior managers at this bank have a lot of international banking experience and a proven track record. All of the employees are very well trained and have the motivation to provide their clients with the best service levels. The bank also believes in the building of strong partnerships which will assist clients and they are partners with some of the leading international investment experts from around the world.

The customer base of the bank is expanding and they have clients from all of the major continents of the world. The Confidential Relationships Acts of 1985 ensure that banking privacy take place in all banks, and this bank takes that very seriously. It will not provide any client details to unauthorized parties.

This Offshore Bank In Nevis Can Provide These Services To You

When you work with us at the Offshore Pro Group our professionals will assist you to remotely open your new international corporate account. This means that there is no requirement for you to travel to the island of Nevis to meet with bank officials prior to account opening. As soon as your offshore corporate account is operational you can use the wealth management services and other services on offer.

The owner of the bank believes strongly in the philosophy of “making your future financially secure”. The bank has some very strong principles when it comes to wealth management. Reputation is one of the most important principles and the bank will not engage in any activities that could harm its reputation or that of the island as a credible international banking center.

The wealth management services will always be delivered with integrity by this bank. Client confidentiality will also be maintained and the bank will always act diligently. You will receive a totally bespoke wealth management service, and this will be achieved by understanding your business and financial aims and building a strong relationship with you.

The bank can offer different wealth management services which are investment management and corporate administrative services, and for high net worth individuals there is their citizenship by investment program.

Your financial aspirations for the long and short terms will be discussed and the bank will be keen to understand your objectives for any investment. The delivery of their investment management service is done through the strong and trustworthy relationships that they have with some of the very best of the world’s investment managers. If estate planning or asset protection is your aim then you will need the bank’s trust management services.

Multiple currency accounts are on offer and these include a current account which will be established for you. Your current account will support Euros (EUR), British Pounds Sterling (GBP) and US Dollars (USD). With your current account you will be able to accept payments and make them. Your current account will not accrue interest at all.

You can open a term deposit account in one of the currencies that have competitive interest rates. Terms available are from one month to a full year. Interest on these accounts will be paid in full when the term has ended. If you want to earn interest on savings then savings accounts are also provided. A quarterly interest payment is always made on outstanding balances. All deposits are regarded as call deposits.

A business Visa card is available from this bank. There are flexible credit limits available as well as other benefits. A classic and gold credit card, both branded Visa, are also available as is a debit card. The debit card is directly linked to your current account. There are benefits such as insurance for travel and competitive interest rates.

The bank will provide you with 24/7 access to your international corporate account through the use of their secure Internet banking service. This is a real time service where you can see all of the debits and credits for your corporate account. Account balances can be viewed and you will be able to get full account statements and use the service to make fund transfers between your accounts.

Prior to your offshore corporate account being opened this Nevis bank will require that you make a minimum deposit of 1500 US Dollars (USD). Compared to other offshore and international banks this deposit is very low. A minimum account balance of 10,000 US Dollars will be required as long as your account is operational.

All transactions will attract a fee and there will be other charges made by this Nevis bank and they often modify these costs. You can get a current list of the bank charges and fees from your consultant at the Offshore Pro Group. Preferential bank charges can be negotiated with this Nevis bank and we will happily assist you with this.

These Actions Must Be Taken In Order That Your International Corporate Account Can Be Successfully Opened

Please go through this step by step action list and complete all of the actions in the right order so you will have certainty of your account being opened for you:

  1. The very first step is to contact us at the Offshore Pro Group by sending us an email to [email protected] so that we can discuss your requirements and assist you with our expertise in international banking. Please provide us with all of the information that you can so that we can help you in the most professional manner. On this page you will find a totally confidential questionnaire so please answer in full The Selection Of The Right Offshore Corporate Account Is Very Important So Learn From The Experts Here.

Having a solitary international corporate account can be risky for you. There is an answer to this, which is to open an additional offshore corporate account in another jurisdiction. This page will provide insight reduce your risks of having one non resident corporate account by openeing anoter one.

  1. We will provide you with the benefit of our international banking experience so that your non resident corporate account in Nevis can be established. Our professional services are available to you for a one-time fee of 1090 EUR. Western Union, Web Money, Bitcoin, Money Gram, bank transfer and credit cards can all be used to send us the payment.
  1. The supply of specific documentation will be necessary to open a non resident corporate account. For all beneficial owners and signatories of the company please provide:
  • A valid passport copy that is notarized
  • Copy of a driver’s license that is notarized or alternatively a state issued ID card which has a photograph
  • An original utility bill or bank statement (not older than six months) that provides evidence of your home address
  • A reference letter from a professional
  • A reference letter from a bank
  • Tax ID number for citizens of the US

Proof of the source of funds to be provided through:

  • 12 months of bank statements
  • Sale agreements or signed contracts for property sales
  • Insurance claim or policy maturation proof letter
  • Business plan
  • Closing statements of shareholding from lawyer / stock exchange / brokerage firm
  • Financial reports
  • Inheritance proof from a lawyer

Please provide the following corporate documents:

  • Copy of Certificate of Registration / Incorporation
  • If the company is older than 12 months a Certificate of Good Standing
  • Copy of By Laws and Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Copy of share certificate
  • Subscriber’s appointment of the company’s director(s)
  • A power of attorney document if this is required
  • A Declaration of Trust copy if there is a nominal shareholder

Once you have the documents together please send them over to us and we will check them diligently prior to quickly sending them on to the Nevis Bank. Once the bank is happy with all of the documents you will need to give them 15 working days to have your new non resident corporate account ready for you.

Our experts are standing by to assist you with the opening of your Nevis bank corporate account. Please send an email to us now [email protected]