Apr 1, 2020

IBC in the Marshall Islands and an account with the Global Bank of Commerce Ltd, Antigua and Barbuda from 5,999 EUR

We will assist you in getting an international business company (corporation) registered in the Marshall Islands and in opening a corporate bank account in the Cook Islands with the Global Bank of Commerce. The whole procedure is carried out remotely. This is of special importance since the current pandemic announcement.

The Marshall Islands can be considered the last old-school offshore. The jurisdiction offers zero taxation, a high degree of data privacy, remote and fast registration, flexible legislation.

How can such a small country provide such a spectrum in the times of deoffshorization? This is most likely due to the fact that the Marshalls are associated with the United States, actually being a part of this state, as well as Puerto Rico. Loosening is obvious.

At the same time, this connection causes certain fears for those who seek to protect their information. As practice shows, as soon as the U.S. want any information about something, they can put pressure on any country. And on the associated state even more so. Therefore, if your task is to hide the data from the U.S., you should not expect this. According to the law, personal information should be stored and provided at the request of the authorities or the registration agent.

Also, the Marshalls will not work for those who are looking for a jurisdiction to register a bank, an insurance company or a gambling business. Please do not hesitate to write us to info@offshore-pro.info and we will tell you where opening such businesses is appropriate and useful.

Otherwise, it is an extremely interesting, beneficial and accessible jurisdiction.

Register an IBC in the Marshall Islands

An international business company in the Marshall Islands is a great instrument for strategically minded businessmen. It is especially advantageous to use an IBC corporation for those who plan to attract investments and need a simple instrument for selling their business shares.

It is IBCs in the Marshall Islands that are used to attract several rounds of investment, to enter the IPO. Dozens of companies have taken advantage of the jurisdiction and entered large and internationally recognized exchanges.

When choosing a name for your IBC, you should know that it can be in any language, provided it is written in Latin letters. Of course, it should not repeat the names of other companies.

It is allowed to use almost any word in the name to refer to a company: Limited, Ltd., A.G., Corporation, Corp, S.A., Incorporated, Inc.

There are words that cannot be used since they can be misleading: Bank, Insurance, Assurance, Re-Insurance, Trust, Foundation, Charity.

The company must have an authorized capital. Most often it is declared in the amount of 50,000 dollars, but paid in the amount of just 1 dollar. Should you decide to make your authorized capital more than USD 50,000 (and if there would be more than 500 shares without par value), you would have to pay an additional tax.

You will need the following papers to register a company:

  • Copies of passports of the founders and directors (if they are individuals), notarized;
  • Proof of the address of residence, i.e. utility bills no older than 2 months with the name (get it translated and certified) or a copy of your internal passport with the address of residence;
  • Company’s documents is case you use a corporate director and secretary;
  • Permit that gives us the right to use your personal information within 5 years. This will allow us to provide you those services remotely.

Allow us to remind you that despite the fact that the registers of beneficiaries and directors are closed for public access, companies are committed to keeping them up-to-date and truthful. Every year from the date of your company’s registration or from November 9, 2018 (for companies registered earlier), it is necessary to check that the existing list of directors, beneficiaries, managers and other officials, as well as their addresses, is relevant.

Moreover, since October 2019, the Marshall Islands has left the blacklist of the EU offshores. The country is implementing all the requirements put forward by the European Union in the area of information sharing. As a result, the reputation of the jurisdiction and its companies improved and immediately attracted the attention of new businessmen.

The cost of registering a company in the Marshall Islands and what it consists of

The cost of registering an IBC in the Marshall Islands is USD 3,285. You will get:

  • Registered company;
  • Paid government duties;
  • Registration agent services in the Marshall Islands;
  • Your company’s registered address (legal address);
  • Set of original company documents;
  • Courier delivery to anywhere in the world.

We recommend paying attention to the “Company and Apostil” set. It will allow you to get a set of apostilled copies of your corporate documents in addition to all of the above for just 500 dollars. In this case the amount will be 3,785 dollars.

Annual renewal of your company will cost 2,250 dollars. This amount includes government duties, registration agent services and a registered address.

Extra services for a company in the Marshall Islands

A set of copies of documents with apostille USD 1,900
Amended Corporate Charter (plus additional capitalization tax, if applicable)* *Capitalization Tax applies to corporations whose share capital exceeds five hundred (500) shares without face value or with a total face value of more than 50,000 U.S. dollars or its equivalent) USD 1,200
Amended and supplemented BC Charter USD 1,625
BC Merger Agreement USD 900
BC Certificate of Compliance USD 1,500
Registered minutes of BC, LLC, LP, GP USD 750
BC Registered Charter USD 750
BC Registered Letter of Attorney USD 500
BC Liquidation Certificate USD 600
Recall of BC dissolution USD 2,250
Certificate of Appointment of BC Directors and Officials USD 900
Certificate of Appointment of BC Directors and Officials (apostilled) USD 1,400
Declaration of BC shareholders and beneficial owners of bearer shares USD 1,200
BC Certificate of Powers, LLC (without apostille) USD 900
BC Certificate of Powers, LLC (apostilled) USD 1,400
Certificate of Good Standing, original (BC, LLC, LP, GP) (without apostille) USD 750
Certificate of Good Standing, original (BC, LLC, LP, GP) (apostilled) USD 1,250
BC Registration Certificate USD 750
Certified copy of a registered document of BC, LLC, LP, GP USD 700
BC Registered Charter USD 800
BC Registered Minutes USD 800
Articles of introduction of BC Articles of Domestication USD 1,500
Certificate of domicile transfer to another jurisdiction of BC USD 2,500
BC Registered Letter of Attorney USD 700
LLC Certificate of Amendment $ 1,200
LLC Certificate of Conversion USD 1,500
LLC Certificate of Cancellation USD 1,000
Registered LLC Operating Agreement USD 750
LLC Certificate of Domicile USD 1,500
LP, GP Certificate of Amendment USD 1,200
LP Certificate Cancellation USD 1,000
GP Certificate of Cancellation USD 900
Apostille USD 500
Financial report (up to 40 transactions per year) USD 2,400
Financial report (from 41 to 150 transactions per year) USD 4,500
Financial report (more than 150 transactions per year) upon request
Virtual office in Panama per year
– Address
– Mail/Courier
– Phone with a message recording function
USD 3,000
Professional directorial service USD 3,400 + expenses

As soon as all the documents are registered and the company is incorporated, we will start opening a corporate bank account.

Corporate bank account with the Global Bank of Commerce Ltd in Antigua and Barbuda 

We will open a bank account with the Global Bank of Commerce Ltd in Antigua and Barbuda specifically for your company in the Marshall Islands. It is the oldest and one of the most respected banks of the country.

The bank has received an international license and pro-actively works with international clients. It focuses on its customers interested in their capital growth and ensures that e-commerce is healthy.

You can open a corporate account with the Global Bank of Commerce Ltd with our assistance, and which is very important, you can do that completely remotely. You will also be able to work with your account without getting to the bank in person. The bank offers a convenient and modern Internet banking, as well as a mobile application.

Papers required for opening a corporate account with the Global Bank of Commerce Ltd, Antigua and Barbuda 

  • The company’s founders and directors must provide:
    • Notarized copies of their travel passports;
    • Contact information for the courier (where to send the documents);
    • Proof of residence: utility bills no older than 3 months, translated into English and notarized. A certified and translated copy of the internal passport page with the registration stamp is allowed;
    • Bank certificate (from 1 year of work with the bank) or a professional reference about you;
  • Filled and signed applications for account opening;
  • Package of notarized corporate documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Good Standing, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Registered Shares or Share Register).

The cost of opening an account is EUR 2,999.

Settlement account rates  
Corporate account USD 10.00 per month
Trading (merchant) account

for e-commerce

USD 100.00 per month

The bank has its requirements to the minimum account balances.

Minimum account balance and service rates    
Account Minimum balance Rates
Settlement account USD 5,000.00 USD 20 per quarter
Deposit account

of money market

USD 20,000.00 USD 50 per quarter

savings account

USD 200.00 USD 10 per month

savings account

USD 1,000.00 USD 50 per quarter
Gold bonds – fixed deposit USD 25,000.00 USD 5 per month


Transfer rates  
Rate for direct payment of credit/debit orders USD 20
Standing order USD 5 per each transaction
Internal transfers USD 3 per each transaction
Payment of other banks’ checks and their storage/collection USD 2 per each check
Inactive account  
Maintenance rate USD 25
Bank certificate USD 25
Confirmation for audit USD 40
Credit report USD 25
Emails USD 5 per month
Account look-up USD 25 per hour

Procedure: how to register an IBC in the Marshall Islands and open an account with the Global Bank of Commerce

  1. You made up your mind about starting a company in the Marshall Islands and opening an account for it? Please email us to info@offshore-pro.info and let us know.
  2. You can provide the necessary information at the request of our consultant for them to verify the possibility of opening a company and an account.
  3. After that you will be required to pay for the service of company registration and account opening. The cost is EUR 5,999.

The service can be paid for with a card, Bitcoin, Western Union, WebMoney or bank transaction.

  1. Prepare the full package of your papers.
  2. We will begin registering your company in the Marshall Islands, and then we will open your account.
  3. Then you will get the originals of corporate documents. After this you will be ready to start your business operations with your company registered and your account open.

Are there any questions left? Please write us to info@offshore-pro.info and get a detailed response.